Sunday, October 4, 2015

Recipe Time: Silverbeet, feta, caramelised onion and salami parcels.

The weather is warming up and with that comes a renewed vigour of health(ier) choices for eating and working out. Alex and I have signed up for the gym again, and with that, making better choices with food is the obvious next step. We're both pretty guilty of over indulging and eating out during the bad weather, the cold weather makes me practically sedentary! So, while the warm weather brings the sweats, sunburn and afternoon naps, hopefully it means more healthy eating and exercising too!

Tonight I kinda flew by the seat of my pants, I had an idea of what I wanted to make, and it kind of turned out a totally different way. Oh well, these things happen! It was a happy accident, I actually really enjoyed what I created and I am sure it's going to be something I make more of in the future.