Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Skincare Regime!

I have honestly promised to make this post for over a year now, so over a cup of Spearmint & Chamomile tea with Sex and The City reruns on in the background, now is the time to knuckle down and just belt this one out.
Some people might call my ritual obsessive, but the way I look at it, there is nothing on your body that is more visible and, well, in for the long run as your skin, so it's worth looking looking after it and treating it the best you can. The first & most important thing to do is get your skin mapped & skin type figured out. It can be as simple as a google search, but for more finicky skin it's worth going to a dermatologist, or even a Dermalogica/Clinique counter to find out what type of skin you have & what needs you have to be addressed. I have normal skin, which can be prone to a bit of dryness & oiliness on my nose/hairline.

So, that in mind, this is what I do to keep my skin in the best condition I can. I figure a step by step, morning to night, would be most coherent. Bear with me!

I start the day with facial dry brushing. I know there's a lot of noise on the blogosphere as to whether you should or shouldn't do this, so it's best to just go with your instincts (and skin types should be noted, obviously exfoliation with a brush isn't going to be very beneficial for super sensitive skin, but that being said, dry brushes are much more gentle than acid/bead exfoliations as you can control the pressure and strength.)
I purchased my small facial dry brush from Karma Living, but a quick search online will yield great results; aim for natural fibres, they're way less harsh on the face.
Brush from the center of your face, outwards and upwards, using gentle, brisk strokes. Your skin should tingle, but not burn, and as you get used to brush exfoliation, you can start using more pressure in your brush, but gentle and easy does it for the first few weeks!
I jump in the shower, and use Neutrogena's Deep Clean foam cleanser, it has this menthol feeling which is perfect for waking skin up in the morning, with the added bonus of being a super gentle foam; there's no lathering or rubbing required, you simply smooth it on, wait a few seconds & wash it off. It leaves my skin super clean, without feeling tight or over exfoliated, which is fab!

I follow cleansing with my favourite moisturiser, I've been using this for years & there's nothing that comes close to it, in my opinion; organic cold pressed Rosehip oil. It's super light, super nourishing, absorbed quickly without any residue or grease, and is packed full of goodies like scar & wrinkle fighting essential fatty acids, vitamins & antioxidants to encourage a natural glow. It's suitable for all skin types and when it's organically sourced & raw processed, contains no nasty chemicals or additives. Hooray!
Massage 3-4 drops into freshly cleansed face, neck & d├ęcolletage, and you're good to go!

I follow moisturising with potentially one of the most overlooked components of healthy skin care; a good sunscreen! It's so important to protect your skin from UV rays, sun damage contributes to premature ageing & deterioration of the general well being of your skin, a good sunscreen should be a part of every person's regime! I have had a lot of problems with sunscreens making me break out, but have had no problems with Dermaveen's colloidal oatmeal SPF30+ moisturising sunscreen. Apply liberally to your face, neck, & d├ęcolletage, it's a great base for mineral make up!

Cleansing at night is just as important as cleansing in the morning, and to keep your skin fresh & happy, it's SO important to let it breathe and regenerate overnight, and it simply cannot do that if you sleep with make up on! We've all been guilty of this time to time, but it's really something that should be avoided, cleansing your face at night clears all the debris from your pores, stimulates the circulation in your skin and leaves it fresh for healing & regenerating while you sleep.
I don't wear too much make up on my eyes, so I find Neutrogena's Oil Free Makeup Remover to be quite enough for me, but when I did wear a bit more eyeshadow, I found that micellular waters (Avene's in particular, I found to be an excellent product) made the removal of stubborn mascara much easier. It's definitely worth investing in sealed edge cotton wads that "leave no messy fibres" as fishing cotton fibres off eyelashes is a real pain!

Okay, I need to gush about this product, it's a recent discovery and it's fast become my favourite! I had really been struggling with finding a facial cleanser to use without having to hop in the shower, or splash water every where in the sink like a lunatic. Face cleansing wipes just didn't feel like they were cutting it, I was waking up with grimy feeling skin & the cream cleanser I purchased from Lush left my skin feeling oily & made me break out like crazy.
Then this little miracle comes along, and I cannot stop singing it's praises! It's a gorgeous organic cream cleanser, applied to dry skin and massaged with circular motion upwards and outwards towards the jaw & hairline, and is then wiped off with a warm washcloth. The texture is dreamy without being heavy & greasy, the cleansing is gentle without being fruitless & removal with a warm washcloth leaves pores open to nourishment (some Rosehip oil, naturally!)

I mean, what is not to love about this cleanser? It gets a gold star from me!

Finally, I follow with a dab of this product, on my forehead and eye contours. It's a bit pricey, but super luxurious and creamy, and you only need a blob about the size of half a tictac. Call me crazy, but anti ageing skincare should start as soon as you're in your twenties, why end up having to spend thousands of dollars down the track in reversing what could be prevented?

I hope this was helpful and even gave you some new ideas & products to try. Do you have any staples you swear by? Drop me a line in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!



  1. you buy all these expensive products for your face but you already have screwed it with piercings scarifications implants?

    1. I actually have no scarification or implants on my entire body, so there's that. My face is lovely, and the adornments I have chosen for it add to that. Don't be bitter :) x

    2. Z, I think your face becomes more beautiful with each added adornment.You are such a lovely creature!
      I've found (and I'm betting you have, too) that those who are taking time oit of their day to insert negative comments are most likely unsure of and unhappy with themselves. They feel a bit of jealousy seeing your confidence and sureness regarding what makes you feel and look magnificent, and how to get it done.

      You're just right! Keep on keepin' on, love!

      Ps. Thanks for the skin care tips! I've needed a good regime for ages. You've inspired me to begin one, as well! I'm going on a gathering mission
      for the above mentioned products this week! Thank you that you thank you!

      All the loves×○×○×


  2. A bit surprised by the anti-ageing products in your twenties thing, but thanks for all the lovely tips! Do you have any links for places to see what skin type you have (and if it's not too much hassle could you post them on your tumblr too)? (: x

  3. Thank you for sharing this, i've found it very helpful. Sorry that not a day goes by when you don't have to deal with hateful miserable douchebags. You write very well :) Sending lovely vibes your way ^.^ x

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  5. I just found your blog like an hour ago after searching split tongues and now I love you~