Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Easy Crushed Garlic! ♥

It's no secret of mine, I really really really love garlic! One of my favourite ways to incorporate it into food is as a tasty crushed paste, which is super easy to make & an amazing flavour additive. There are numerous well known health benefits from including garlic in your diet, including a better immune system and better skin!

Alex is a star and helped me shoot this super quick video, please excuse my total lack of professional food preparation skills & I'll take you through a quick way to bring some garlicky flavour into your life!

First, peel and chop your garlic. Now you should de-germ it, which is cutting the clove in half & removing the little green shoot. That's the hidden culprit behind the garlic gas & upset tummies, be gone with it!

Add a handsome grinding of salt to your pile of garlic, about five or six turns. Salt helps break down the garlic membranes, which makes the crushing part of this wicked easy. Salting the garlic helps to bring out the flavour, too!

Once your garlic is salted, just toss it through the salt. You will see it starts to leach moisture out almost instantly, yum!

Using your good hand & a big knife, press the blade across the board. The salt will help grind up the garlic, and the blade will squish it together and incorporate it. It takes a bit to get the knack of it, but once you have it down pat, it's super easy! Repeat the pressing process until you have a board full of squashed, fragrant garlic, which is now ready to be thrown in to cook, added to a dressing/marinade, spread on a sandwich or tossed through Garlic Mushrooms at the last minute. Yum yum yum!


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  1. I always buy the squeezy garlic because its so easy, but that looks really good and fresh!