Friday, March 9, 2012

The Face with Hair for Eyes.

I've recently become quite besotted with embroidery; it's a fun hobby for someone who is artistically challenged such as myself!

I really liked a picture I doodled one night when I was bored, and when I found a large lace trimmed doily/placemat at my favourite thrift shop, I knew it was a sign I had to stitch the image. I thought it was a bit ambitious, but I'm proud to say six days after intensive stitching, I've completed something I never thought I would. Now to iron + find a display mechanism; I really want to hang this in my room :)

The Face with Hair for Eyes

Detail of the eyeball & glittery medusa.

Third eye.

It just really goes to show, one can accomplish quite a bit, if one puts one's mind to it :3




  1. Oh my god, that came out beautiful! It's fucking amazing. Good job <3

  2. This is amazing, I absolutely love it :D

  3. Are you going to do something about the green marks? Do you just wash those off or something?

  4. WOW! I tried that once, but never got good at it

  5. Haha that´s awesome! I love strange ideas like this and I really like your blog. I put it into bloglovin month ago.
    Started a blog the last days myself. It would be awesome if you take a peek even if it is still new and quite empty :-D It´s about Tattoos, cats, fashion and geek stuff.

  6. I love your embroidery

  7. Haha! awesome!!! im gonna have to make me one of those!! yours has inspired me! :)

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