Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to me.

I turned 22 today :3

Although Alex had to work today, I woke up early and got into bed for a birthday cuddle (birthday EVERYTHING!), which was nice; I've always been single or at my parent's house for my birthdays >0<
After he left, I spent the morning on my own, waking up in my own time. It was really lush :3

My family (except my younger sister, she had work D:) came to visit me at my house. My birthday fell on a Sunday this year, not only was nothing open, but the weather was rather dreary. We opted to spend the most time at my house, but we went to the organic cafe Wild Thyme for a coffee and cake.

I was spoilt rotten by my family and friends this year. Mum + dad bought me a Bokashi bucket, for composting in an apartment.  My grandmother gave me a bunch of vintage patterns, embroidery hoops, Aida cloth, and thread. My baby sister gave me a little care package she prepared with my favourite biscuits + some teas, because she knows that's what I live on when I visit :D
My beautiful friend Stevie came to visit me, and just showered me in amazing presents. I have never experienced anything like it before, I was floundering a little in saying thank you >0<

Spoiled by mystical, purple haired fae ♥

Alex bought me a Vaginors shirt! They're only my favourite band at the moment; I just couldn't do this shirt justice with a webcam D:

I've been blocked from Facebook for a few days for 'inappropriate content'- a photo with a bit of my bumcrack showing- so I'm not able to reply to all the amazing birthday wishes I have received, but I appreciate each and every single one of them ♥
I have never really had a birthday like this before; independent, with people I care about. It's been amazing, especially after all the recent goings ons.

Before I go, I have had a few wonderful followers ask if it's possible to send cards/letters/odds and ends; yes! I welcome pen pals! But I'd rather not disclose my postal address on a public place, message me privately if you'd like to exchange addresses :)

I'll quit my blathering now; I have an embroidered eyeball to deal with!
Tentacled loveage~