Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today is a pretty important day in my own little world. It marks the date at which I finally got off my bottom and launched the beginning of a project I have been working on :D

Aesthetic Sense is a new blog I am writing for, which is aimed at documenting Adelaide style and stylish locations. I hope to avoid the general fashion blog photoroll stereotype, and really show people that there is a side to Adelaide that isn't what you see in dodgy beer commercials. There are amazing minds, artists and beautiful cafes that I just haven't really found anything like in other cities, and I just can't wait to show them to everyone.
I'm happy to be back and writing again, and I can't wait to go get out there and meet fashionable, creative people, pick their brains and use my internet audience to get their faces out there :D
(That sounds way more violent than it actually is O_O)

I'll still be contributing to this blog; in my absence I have been doing a LOT of gardening and have garnered a fair amount of handy information for growing your own eatable/pretty to look at goodies along with loads of other flotsam and jetsam I feel is necessary to be put out into the universe.

Anyhow, I'll leave you with my launch outfit + something that is SUPER easy to replicate. Oversized shirts are  totally boss for summer dresses, and real easy to find at any op shop. I picked this Hugo Boss number up for $4 at the op shop near my house; make sure you suss the men's section!



  1. OMG you have no idea how excited this blog made me haha are you back for good, as in.. also back on tumblr and facebook? I missed you there!!

    Looking forward to the new posts!

  2. Yay! I really look forward to reading your new blog. As a fellow Adelaide-ian it'll be really interesting. :) Maybe it'll give me something to NOT hate about the place. :D

  3. Super exciting! I love Adelaide fashion! Living back in Sydney has made me realise how amazing a lot of Adelaide fashion is!

  4. Wow, love the entire outfit ♥ I will make sure to follow your other blog!

  5. i'd enjoy reading/looking at your new work on your other blog, and whatever your heart pleases to post, i'll follow for those quite follow up deals. As always, love your outfits. Are those the "wet leggings" you've been dreaming about? i can see why :3


  6. most beautiful tentacled elf out there <3