Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dreadlock tentacles.

After recently perusing dreadlocks that were created in hair salons, laden with chemicals and wax,  I have decided to offer my services as a product free, natural, vegan dreadlocker. 

I love dreadlocks, and I’m passionate about creating locks that you will love. I did my own dreadlocks, and my knowledge is years of accumulated personal experience.

How do I do it?
I section the hair to your desired thickness for your locks, with advice on maturing dreads and the pros and cons of different thicknesses.
I use the rip + twist method, it's favoured in the dreadlock community as the most gentle way to dreadlock hair, no harsh backcoming required. I use a thin crochet hook to tidy up each dread for soft defined dreadlocks ^_^

What else?
I can tidy up and tighten dreads if you wish. I have a selection of adornments you can choose to have in your hair, like bamboo silk dread wraps, beads and handmade peyote sleeves ^_^
I also have written out a little booklet on aftercare, maintenance, vegan alternatives to shampoo for your dreads. Of course, I'm always happy to answer any questions.

Where is it?
Welp, I live in the city of Adelaide, and am happy to dreadlock at my apartment. We can chill out, put on something awesome on TV and have tea and snacks.
Alternatively, if it’s a nice day, we could meet up and chill out on a picnic blanket at the Botanical Gardens or a park, and just have a nice peaceful day of dreadlocks and nature ^_^

You will need:
- To have at least 5cms of hair. Your dreads will stick out of your head like spines, but it’s the shortest length of hair that will take to dreadlocking.
- Rinse you hair with salt water the night before. It makes the hair go spazzy, I’m sorry, but it makes the dreadlocking process easier.
- Bring a book or MP3 player if chatting isn’t your thing. Honestly, I understand. I’m happy if you’re comfortable
- Be open minded. I’m a chatty weirdo, I don’t mind answering questions, please respect my decisions and I’ll respect yours.

How much is it?
I charge a flat rate of $50 an hour for dreadlocks. Prices can be negotiated.
Dreadlock tidying is $20 p/h
Dreadlock beads and wraps: POA

How do I book an appointment?
Just hit me up on any of my social networking sites:
Alternatively, my email is zephyrhatesyou[at]gmail[dot]com

This is, Bianca, my first client + and our marathon 8 hour dreadlocking effort. Totally natural dreadlocks, with polyutherane bands looped lightly to hold the shape and almost no length lost. Click through for more photos!



Dreadlocking process photos!

Cthulhu rising! The first few tentacles.

Completed locks!

She's sah pretty! Her hair is amazing, and so faery-like. It was a pleasure to create these tentacles! ♥


  1. Very nice. It almost makes me what to grow out my hair :)

  2. wow you do one lot of dread locks and already think u can make a business from it?

    1. eew. she did a wonderful job. stop being so discouraging!

  3. Last I checked, anon, I can do what I want :3

  4. Wow, why wouldn't she be able too? Why be so negative? At least she's giving things a go and not being a keyboard warrior.

  5. Wait, did u not read the years of experience part?!? Oh, and its harder to do your own hair than it is to do someone elses.

    <3 u Zeph! U make me want real dreads, but alas job must come first :)

  6. Crochet hooking dreads under a year old is a BAD idea. Creates weak spots.

    1. Crocheting at all creates weak spots no matter what the age of the locks. Too much crochet and the damage will not only be irreversible but may also cause baldness and thinning hair. I strongly urge no more crochet hooks. Twist and rip and let nature do the rest.
      Or just let nature do it in the beginning and then all you do is separate.
      Happy dreading!

  7. Hmmm, another thing to report to Centrelink Kas? - seeing how you're still claiming your "Disability" Support Pension....
    Making $$$, but not claiming it = fucking fraud

    Dob her in, fellow Adelaideians! XD

    1. get a life man, we all have too survive somehow in this crazy madness!!!

  8. i love how all negative posts are anon. baahhhahaha/. lamers.

  9. I wanted you to do my dreads, but I live far, far away from you! ): Brazil is shit.

  10. Anyone ready to dreadlocks hairstyles in Carlton aus.