Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vagabond Jewelry

I first stumbled across Kest’s work on Tumblr of all places. Someone reblogged a ring he had fashioned into the style of a wearable guillotine, which he had cheekily called ‘The Divorce Ring’.

My morbid curiosity piqued, I clicked through to see if the thing actually cut your finger off and found myself immersed in his work.

Vagabond Jewelry prides themselves on being "devoted to giving you tough, modern jewelry, that will go wherever you go, and won't break until long after you have."
Each piece of jewellery has a name, its own story, a unique manufacturing method and a number on the scale of wearability, which ranges from 1 (wear it to a photoshoot) to 10 (wear it for a triathalon).

I purchased a pendant called Nugget, an inch long nugget of 'float copper'. It's an incredible piece of jewellery- it's so striking and beautifully coloured, and it feels so organic and raw.

Myself wearing "Nugget", click on the image to see a larger version.
Shot by Alex Baulderstone

 I am really pleased to see the piece really lives up to expectations- it's beautifully weighty, there is a hole forged through the actual nugget, where a tough copper jump link is threaded and secured. I feel like it really can take some wear and tear, while looking totally minimalist and modern. I can't wait to invest in some more pieces- this store comes with my highest recommendations :)

Sleeveless shirt // 'Nugget' necklace by Vagabond Jewelry // Cuffed chinos // Black and white brogues // Thrifted headscarf // Sportsgirl handbag

I spent today with some lovely lady friends, drinking coffee and rifling through a near by op shop. We found some amazing treasures- I am particularly pleased with my haul!

Japanese bamboo handled teapot, ceramic japanese tea cups, gold silk cravat, velvet bow tie, hand painted antique 'stoneware' teacups. So cute!

Yay! Tea paraphernalia! Time to whip up a batch of salted chocolate cookies- if they work out, I'll post the recipe!




  1. Hey miss i havent heard from you forever. Was getting worried, then it just occured to me to get on your blog.

    Want to go out for coffee this week? Or i can drop round alexs place and make you dumplungs. Miss ya babe!

    Love gee

  2. hello. so, i was not able to comment on an older post for which my comment is relevant...which is why this may seem a bit out of place.

    i saw that you have been digging thru your closet, and have found some things you no longer have use for...

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    i am hoping to use all donated things, because this will keep my overhead extremely low, and thus more money will go to the little animals (i will only need to buy thread, then...which i will most likely buy out of my own money anyway).

    i am a poor student (as most college kids are), and this is my way to help out some animals who can't help themselves. i have only my sewing skills to offer, because i'm a poor college student......and i know many other people who would love to help animals, but do not have the money to do, voila! i have found a way.

    i pay postage for any donations sent to me (i live in the states, and i have several friends from Aus and the UK who are donating things...and i understand shipping can be pricey, so my wonderful mother has offered to pay shipping costs as her way of donating something...cheers, mom!)

    anyway, i wanted to make you you seem to be a lover of little creatures, and you mentioned you have some things you are no longer using...

    i will be selling my finished products online and at a local store (Rainbow PET Creations, here in good ol' Lancaster, PA) and i will also be doing custom orders.

    in addition to that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from doing something awesomely good, everyone who donates will receive a little stuffy, made by me, of the animal of their choice, or one piece of animal clothing...custom made for their pet.

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    i'm in the process of making a facebook page, too.

    and, one more thing, i just want everyone to know that this is NOT a way for me to make money. i've been told by a few friends that i should "compensate" myself for the time i will be spending on this, compensation is doing something i know is right. and i don't feel that it would be right to ask people to donate things, and then turn around and keep some of the money...just an fyi.

    any little bit helps. an old ripped shirt, a piece of a sheet, a shoelace (lol)...or if you can't spare anything like that but you have an idea or design i could use....i'm grateful for anything anyone is nice enough to offer me.

    thanks, love!

    rach <3