Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lost and Found.

Alex and I recently found a purple iMac on the side of the road, left out for hard rubbish collection, so we picked it up and took it home with some projects in mind.
Amongst the innards of the computer, I found a graphite ceramic ring- perfect for a necklace. 

I love statement pendants on long chains, they're a super easy DIY project, something you can do with virtually anything you set your mind to. Here's what I came up with;

Lost and Found.

'Found' graphite ceramic ring // 'Lost' nail from abandoned barge // 'Ballerina' nail lacquer by Sportsgirl 

I incorporated the 'Found' piece in my outfit today, to mimic the o-ring in my belt. The faux leather strap is nice on my neck instead of a chain- it was cold today! I swear, there is no such thing as 'owning too many black oversized tees'.

Oversize raw edge mens' tee from Cotton On // Thrifted blazer // High waisted skinny jeans // Sportsgirl tassel belt // Platform ankle booties // 'Found' necklace.

My next post is my hundredth! I'm pretty excited- I'm planning on celebrating it with a post full of easy, vegan baked tasties that are ready in under half an hour! :DI can't believe I have managed to maintain this blog for so long! Thank you to every one who comes past + reads my ramblings. I'd love to know what else you'd like me to write about- drop me a line, ask me a question, I love talking style, fashion and DIY!




  1. Thats a really cool idea they look lovely! x

  2. I really like your DIY posts and your recipies :#
    So thank you for those.

  3. I love you hair, so awesome. I was wondering if you have any other places to pick up cheap oversized tees/singlets? I'm currently obsessed with fancy-pants leggings and some long shirts to go with them would go down a treat. :)

  4. I love black! and your necklaces are great :)

  5. Love your passion for DIY and thrifting. check out my blog, it is mostly about all the awesome op shops in adelaide! much love xx

  6. Girl, I would love to see you in a Kaarme tee -- shoot me an email at and LMK which one you like, what size you need, and where to send it. They're made for you, and you'll adore how soft they are. xo

    kaarme concepts

  7. hi, I saw U on lookbook, and I read your blog sometimes, and U inspired me to make my own blog, so thank u! :) and good luck and greetings from Poland,
    btw. sorry for my gramma.

    xoxo M.

  8. I love the rusty nail necklace. Super into that. Might have to do it.

    strawberry freckleface