Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rummage Sale and Gilles St Markets.

Accidentally stumbled on the best sale of my life on Friday, while perusing my favourite vintage shop, 284 Rundle St. They have been doing $20 Rummage Sales, where you pay $20 for a bag + as much stuff as you could cram into it :D
It was like a dream- a whole room full of fellow vintage aficionados, amazing vintage clothing and not having to worry about prices. There were piles of coats, dresses, skirts, blouses, tights, mens clothing, shoes, accessories- and you had to be quick so you didn’t miss anything.

I managed to get two pairs of shoes (one pair being Doc Marten mary janes), 3 dresses, six tops, 2 denim jackets, a velvet blazer, three skirts, four pairs of excruciatingly loud tights and a brooch stuffed into that poor string bag. All vintage, all amazing! I think I managed to nab around $400 of stock for $20, I am so chuffed :D

I am pretty darn impressed with my cramming skills, hahah.

What I managed to stuff into that bag, even Alex was impressed :P

I caught up with my parents today while they were in the city. I wore a vintage lace collared shirt I found at the rummage sale and a leopard print turban.

We had lunch at Bliss Organic Café and then sussed the Gilles Street Market together. Poor dad looked a little in over his head! I managed to find some amazing buys; a $5 vintage Calvin Klein shirt, cinderblock platform sandals, a sheer cropped shirt and some other summer essentials.

Time to clean my old wardrobe out and bring on summer!
Of COURSE I took photos of all my finds- you’ll have to click through to see; there’s LOADS of photos :D I’ve got a whole bunch of daily outfit posts I’ll have to put up at some point, too :D
I’m thinking I might hold onto them for the Spring Clothes Swap at the Box Factory Community Center on the 3rd of September.
Click on the photo to make it bigger, of course :P 

Would anyone be interested in coming along to that? We could make a day of it :D

Sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog a little bit- I have been SO busy and so excited with this project that’s been so many months in the making. I’ll do my best to show this page a little more love- starting with vegan peanut butter snickerdoodles?



 The goodies from the $20 Rummage Sale!

Angora gold buttoned cardigan, lace collared floral shirt 

 Pearl buttoned floral dress, scalloped sleeved polka dot dress.

Sheer dress, scarf print singlet. 

Navy blue velvet blazer. 

80s acidwash denim biker jacket. 

80s denim jacket. 

 Black and red velvet skirts.

Three pairs of tights. I am in LOVE with them :D 

 A silk scarf and sweater with a centaur on it. Pretty bitchin'!

The Gilles St Markets finds!

Cinderblock platform sandals, practically new. YESSS :D 

Calvin Klein tee, sheer cropped top, geometric print cropped singlet. 


  1. I love clothes swapping! I wish they did these fixed price bag cram events where I live, your stash looks fun to dress up in

  2. So sad, I'd love to do the swap, but it is on my birthday party day. *sadpanda*

  3. Wow, a swap! I just cleared out my wardrobe and was going to give it to the Salvo's or something. This is destiny, I'll be there! - Bel

  4. ... I might just do that clothes swap. :)

    I have so many formal & prom style dresses, most which probably don't fit, and WAY WAY WAY too many t-shirts.

    These Green & Black tights? Awesome! XD

  5. I am totally sick with envy at your rummage sale treasure haul! The cinderblocks are the absolute shit!

  6. Oh my god rummage sales sounds AMAZING. Your finds are incredible! Nice packing job :D