Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flower barrettes.

*Update*My Etsy shop is now stocked, and officially open! Hooray!

I have been really busy recently, spending my time making pretty flowery things for people's heads! Something I will be selling through my boutique and on Etsy :D

The idea came from I was really bored with my hair + decided a top knot would suit me fine.  I drew inspiriation from an oversized bow I was wearing with it + created a pretty flower barrette to wear out on a dinner date, on a whim. Due to an overwhelmingly positive response to my creations, I am continuing to make them to sell!

Here are some of the creations I have made recently- what do you think? :D 
Sorry, so many of the photos are terrible webcam shots- my camera battery ran out + I can't find its charger! Oh no D:<

Baby pink beaded roses with glass beaded mushroom grey roses- I wore this one one today :D 

Daisies + yellow roses ♥ 

The first barrette I made! Beaded black + blood red roses ^_^ 

The barrette I made for my beautiful friend, Jadey. Beaded roses + blue rosebuds ♥ 

A commission piece I made for Louise's wedding! ^_^

The baby pink + dusky pink rose piece I made for my Melbourne wifeh, Krissi ♥ 

The barrettes I have made over the past few days :3 

I sell each premade barrette for $15, custom commissions are $20. They are finished with co-ordinating ribbon + come in a cute organza pouch. I am happy to talk custom creations- just drop me a line on here, my Tumblr or fanpage :)

I wore my baby pink barrette out today. Coffee from the Coffee Branch in the CBD- my faavourite ♥



  1. Baby! You're damn hot!
    Your flower creations are beautiful, I love the pink one <3

  2. these are so cute! i want :(
    and ooh la la loving the pink on you xo

  3. I have a somewhat unrelated comment,
    or Query, Your ear modification surgery..
    Can you recommend anywhere I can find more info on places to get this done?

  4. OMG!! I just saw the most amazing sweater and leather jacket on your tumblr!! I so want the sweater!!! Not sure if i need the leather... i have 5 already.. O_o I HAVE CLOTHES ENVY!! :)

  5. I love the daisy one, how beautiful