Monday, August 22, 2011

Daily Outfits ♥

Some of the most recent daily outfits. I have been so keen to wear the stuff I found at 284's Vintage Rummage Sale and Gilles St Markets :D

Daisy Chain.

Caramel knit // High waisted skinny jeans // Platform ankle booties // Handmade daisy barrette // Sportsgirl bird skull necklace and handbag.

Midas Touch.
Thrifted vintage sweater // Black skinny jeans // Thrifted Doc Martens // Thrifted vintage clutch // Thrifted vintage brooch (worn on bow)

Polka Dot.
Thrifted vintage polka dot shirt // High waisted skinny jeans // Thrifted gold mesh pointed sneakers // Dangerfield simple satchel // Sportsgirl velvet turban // Thrifted vintage horeshoe brooch (worn on turban).

Thrifted vintage rose print shirt // Thrifted blazer // Black skinny jeans // Simple platform ankle boots // Thrifted vintage clutch // Porthole sunglasses // Thrifted vintage brooch (worn on bow).

Creeper comforts.
Thrifted Sportsgirl asymmetrical shift // Thrifted 80s sports tights // Thrifted black boots // Dangerfield simple satchel // Trapezoid sunglasses // Bowler hat




  1. I like all the outfits, but the last one is my favourite ♥♥♥ That shirt!! *__*

  2. LOVE the polka dot top and the girly floral number. :)

  3. I love the last one too! That is an amazing blue! -Bel.

  4. I love the last one! Those tights are freaking awesome.

  5. Bowler hat is timeless. More people should wear them.

  6. so very jealous of your jumper!