Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tattoo Plagiarism.

There is little on earth that angers me more than people who lack their own creativity to create their own permanent piece of art, so they have to steal someone else's custom piece.

This is the custom drawn image of a tentacled lotus I have tattooed around the back of my neck. It was drawn for me by a very dear friend, the meaning behind it is incredibly personal, and I searched for a VERY long time before I found an artist I was comfortable enough around to have it tattooed.

The finished result is a piece I truly cherish + love to death- this is an image taken freshly after the piece was finished, around 1-2 years ago.

Today, this image popped up in my newsfeed, and had me shaking with rage. My beautiful, perfect tentacle lotus has been stolen and absolutely BUTCHERED and turned into a tramp stamp!

Absolutely no persmission was asked of me OR the artist who drew this piece, so naturally, we're fuming. While I am all for inspiration, I do NOT support theft!
I sent a polite enough message kind of asking what was up with the blatant theft of something so personal and dear to me, and I got blocked and deleted!

This is a comparison of the two pieces, the top being the awful copy and the bottom being the original drawing I had drawn for me.

So, this is my blog, and I will name and shame people too gutless to even ask if was okay to use my tattoo as a reference. Holly, you really should have just run it by me, instead of running from me.

Grrrrr! Has this happened to anyone else before? I think I need a chai to calm down!




  1. That is distgusting. Wait her up with a cheese grater! Not really, but honestly, who DOES that?

  2. ._______. I would hunt her down and cut it from her flesh.

  3. Alright doll, the exact thing happened to me. Not something personally designed for me, but two tattoos of mine that had not only been copied but had been tattooed in the EXACT same places on our bodies! Really quite annoying! X

  4. That is awful! And you're right, it has been butchered! The skulls are freaking disgusting in the copied one.

    What is your gameplan?

  5. You can get her for Copyright infringement if she didn't have the artist's permission. At least, I think, since she changed it, it may not count, which fucking sucks. I would be just as angry as you are, yours is beautiful, hers doesn't actually look all that good... :l

  6. how about you calm the fuck down?
    its a drawing on your body that will be gone when you rot and decease just like hers.
    grow up and get the fuck over it, cause no ones gonna give a fuck in in 30 years.
    and i know youre going to say "YES I WILL THIS PIECE IS SO PERSONAL AND SHE STOLE IT FROM ME" well guess what, if there aint a patent on it it aint yours. its just another fuckin octopus coming out of a flower that anyone can have on them any place they want. chill out. its clearly not the same exact imagine cause even to the naked eye i see a few differences, so therefore nobody needed to ask your artist anything either. nothing is original everything is a copy of a copy. cry about it

  7. Actually Elyssa, it is a copyrighted image, so in actual fact, I CAN say "This piece is personal and she stole it from me."

    You have a nice day now dear, I hope your little vent made you feel better about your life ;3

  8. damn straight this is copyright, as a designer myself, i understand completely.

    It's a drawing on her body that will never be gone because it is engraved into her soul. It's a symbol which holds her values.

    the two drawings has the exact same expression. It screams plagiarism and unfair use

    just fucking ask permission or credit the artist.

  9. dont let me sound ignorant tho im not saying i support what she did, i wouldnt do it personally but really...dont waste time being all mad cause she wasnt creative enough to think of something on her own. take a deep breath and just say fuck it. its a pretty piece, share the love.

  10. Elyssa, you like bon iver. Your opinion is invalid.

  11. While I don't support her actions, I'd say ignore it. It's obvious that she admired your tattoo and wanted to either match you or just loved your tattoo so much that she HAD to have it and was afraid you'd say hell no. Though, I should say that if you're afraid to ask permission for something like that, it's probably because you already know the answer will be a big old no.
    Just ignore her, don't let it bother you.
    She looks rather foolish with her version of the tattoo anyways; the details in your's really make it beautiful, while her's... well, it just looks like a cheap copy.

  12. how about you dont have to get disrespectful and call others cunts?
    you can point shit out and even get mad but you dont have to name call.

  13. Elf, I am only a lurker who follows your blog and tumblr regularly. Though I would like to say that I am disgusted and amused at the fact that someone has sunk to such a low level. Disgusted because this is copyright infringement. Depending on where this person is located, you can take legal action. Though keeping in mind that copyright laws vary from country to country. If they are in Australia, then they can be in deep shit.

    I am amused because it's a sloppy job. if they are going to steal your work, they should steal it properly and make it look good. They destroyed a lovely piece of work.

    Also, you did a mature thing by not linking to the thief's personal profile or anything. Kudos for that.

  14. Trolls don't get fed here, sorry Anon. If you're going to be a twat, you're going to be deleted.

  15. Whilst I think this is low on the basis that this girl is a friend of yours, and therefore fully aware of where the image she has chosen to get tattooed to herself is coming from (you - hurdur). All tattoo designs, no matter how unique or individual or 'customized' the concept copied, influenced or an amalgamation of others artworks. Out there, somewhere, is probably another lotus, and another tentacley, that someone could easily claim you of stealing from them.