Sunday, July 17, 2011


After the whole debacle with my surgery and the following weeks of recovery, Alex thought it would be nice if we were to escape to his parent's house out in the Riverlands for a while. He's in the middle of a uni break, and I could do with a holiday from the city, so I thought why not!

We arrived after 3 hours of driving from Adelaide on a cloudy Friday. After spending all Saturday in bed + rather miserable, despite the lovely weather outside, I figured today would be a nice day for adventures. I was somewhat unpleasantly surprised with a dreary, grey Sunday, peppered with showers and chilling us all to the bone.
Unsurprisingly, a general consensus was reached that staying indoors for the worst of the weather would be a wise idea, so we rugged up in front of the fire with hot coffees.

The afternoon was spent with Alex's lovely mother, digging through old Vogue patterns and discovering old treasures buried in her inherited piles of vintage fabrics and textiles. After much pouring through, and my excitement over some of the patterns and fabrics, she offered to make me a dress! I am so excited- we've picked the most amazing fabrics + pattern for a really vintage styled dress.
I never learnt how to properly use my sewing machine, so I'm hoping to develop some skills in the area so I may recreate some of the beautiful vintage patterns I came across.

The weather finally cheeried up a little bit- enough for Alex + I to don some weatherproof clothing and go out with our cameras. I took some daggy happy snaps + marvelled at the wildlife, before we had a close call with the rain and Alex's expensive Canon gear + a frantic run home.

We were greeted with a warm house, a hearty serving of lentil soup, Alex's mother has been especially kind in fixing vegan meals for me while I'm here. 
The evening was finished with an apple baked in the fireplace, with a cinnamon quill + brown sugar, served with vegan custard. I have a warm belly + am anticipating a spot of cuddlement while watching season two of The Wire.

I'll leave you with some photos I took today. Click through to see more :)

A grumpy looking ceramic owl in a tree!



A view of the river.


Skeleton tree.

Orange pickers' gloves are kind of ominous!

Forest thicket.

Teeny flowers I found in the mud of the riverbed.

The cliff overlooking a part of the river.

I am a tree!

Cotton out the front of someone's house :O

Fireplace baked apple, baked with brown sugar + a cinnamon quill, covered in vegan custard, nutmeg + brown sugar ♥


  1. This sounds like a place out of a story book, looking at vintage patterns, making a dress, dessert cooked over the fireplace. I wanna gooooo

  2. Your vegan diet sounds soooooooo delicioussssss sometimes!! I get cravings for home made curry with chick peas and lentil soup AWHMAYGAWSHH NOM!
    And ROASTIES nom nom nom nom Enxoy your trip babe xxxx