Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Exploring. Day 3.

Today, the weather was as indecisive as I can be when it comes to picking rings. It was beautiful when I got up, after I'd caught another episode of The Wire (I'm in the middle of season two- if you haven't already got around to watching it, I definitely recommend it!), the sky was surly + heavy with clouds.

I still wanted to go for a walk, so Alex took me down to the abandoned Art Commune next door to his parents' house. It was just breathtaking- all the different, hand built buildings nestled in amongst each other. One particularly caught my eye, nestled into the opening of a huge gully, was a little mud brick/timber structure I just HAD to take more photos of.

The silence + stillness is just so dreamlike- it was surreal clambering around this little house and disturbing plumes of dust. We watched the sun set on a cliff in the gully + walked home along the blossoming cherry trees. We're heading back to the city tomorrow, so it was nice to soak up a little more tranquility before our holiday was over. I'm looking forward to getting back to the city- despite arriving on the last nice day before crappy weather. I have so many projects to start and complete. I can't wait to show you!

I'll leave you with photos from today. I realise they are rather small, but you can always click on them for a bigger picture :)

Standing on Alex's parents' balcony, being comfy. High waisted skinny jeans, Vincent nibbled singlet, Brixton hat, inverted cross + Alex's Mindsnare hoodie :3


The view from the balcony. It's rather lovely to sip coffee + look at the view. 

Part of the abandoned Art Commune, nestled in the bushes. 

Isn't it just lovely? Built at the top of a steep, deep gully. 

Steps to the house. 

Aw! Kind of looks like a christmas tree! 


The roof from inside the house. 

Kind of reminds me of Fallout O_O 

The second room. The door is broken, so it's a bit of a perilous climb through the wall. 

Stump full of treasure. 

Cute little plants say FUQ DA POLICE. 

The window inside the second room. 

A view from the other side. The narrow doorway is so cute ^_^ 

Two people, four feets. 

WTF r u doin', pole?! 

Pretty trees ! 


Wall of the gully- looks kind of looks like the inside of a cave. 

Roots with nothing to hold on to :( 

So many snail shells! Snail block party! 

From near the gully wall as we left. Bye, house :) 

Something I just HAD to take a photo of. I saw this magnet on Alex's parents' fridge + just had to have a giggle. Watch out for those Millenium Bugs! :D


  1. I'm so sure that being in this place in person is so much better. By the looks of it in the photos it's beautiful, I can only imagine in person.

  2. Wow that place looks fantastic!

  3. OMG Y2K hahahahaha! Again, these photos are amazing. I love exploring abandoned buildings, it's wonderful. Definitely has a fallout vibe to it :)

  4. It looks like the kind of place fairies would hide in...or maybe its just me floating away with the fantastical once again. Or maybe millennium bugs live there?