Monday, July 18, 2011

Exploring. Day 2.

Alex and I ventured down the part of the river that his parents' house overlooks. The sun was setting + there was a gentle breeze blowing the reeds in the wind, it was so very pretty. My little camera wasn't very up for the job of shooting at sundown, so please excuse the glarey glare!

I found a beautiful old rusted nail from the decaying boat I took photos of. I think I may lacquer it to preserve the rust + make it into a pretty pendant. It's pretty heavy, but I think it would look lovely dangling on a long chain. I'll be sure to photograph a tutorial, so that you may do the same with whatever takes your fancy for a pendant :)

I had an amazing feast of roasted vegetables- some shop bought, some grown in the garden. Carrot, pumpkin, potato, spanish onion, garlic, sweet potato, parsnip, sliced lemon, a mixture of herbs + some beetroot, along with steamed cauliflower, broccoli and sweetcorn. I am so full I may burst, but I have a happy belly!

If you haven't eaten whole roasted baby carrots, you haven't lived ;3



Standing in front of the decaying boat that I found the nail in front of. More photos of river exploration when you click through ♥

Beautiful, decaying old boat.

Peering at the water through the trees + reeds. 

Something old and broken. I thought it was a surfboard at first + was utterly baffled as to who would want to surf on a river :P 

Looks like a swampy bunyip, crawling out to say hello :) 

The river is quite pretty :) 

Some old rusty thing I thought meritted a photo :3 

A party of crabs left their gloves behind!  

I shouldn't be allowed to have a camera :P 

Lonely tree gesticulating.

Tree hug in Alex's hoodie. 

The dead trees in the water are so pretty. 

 Zoomed in for my last photo and accidentally artfully cropped my face.

Alex hates photos. 

He has a photo of me taking a photo of him. Except his camera is ten million times better than my camera :P 

Alex's parents' house. It's just so lovely ♥


  1. <3 sounds like a rad day exploring :D i loved the crab claws especially its cute wen nature leaves lil gifties behind for us to muse over.

  2. SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!&hears; Loved all the photos.

  3. Those photos are beautiful! That house looks absolutely amazing. Crab gloves :D <3

  4. It's so refreshing to see someone so content and full of life :]