Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DIY Tie Dyed Clothes.

Came home to the city from the Riverlands today. It's kind of nice to be back in the busy city, with coffee and friends and stuff to do. It was nice to go for a holiday, though- I feel much more refreshed + inspired. ^_____^

I really was bursting with ideas all day for a couple of DIY projects to refresh some old clothes I didn't wear that much. There are some things I will be working on over the next few days, I will be sure to post tutorials as well :)

Tonight, I decided to use this old machine wash dye that I found in my craft basket. I can't even remember who gave it to me, but it was such a pretty vivid violet. I decided to tie dye vertical stripes onto a soft  grey marle onesie I bought at the Gilles Street market + dye over the bleach spatters on my jeans.  

How to: Vertical stripe tie-dye.

Vertical stripes are much more flattering + slimming than horizontal stripes- you guys already knew that, right? They're a little more fiddly to achieve with tie dye, but it's definitely worth it. It's an instant flattering pattern that revamps tops, arm warmers, and stockings :)

You will need:

- A packet of dye (machine wash or soak method- either or.)
- 500g of salt. (Usually depends on the dye, check the packet.)
- Up to 600gm of material (depending on the dye.) I weighed my items carefully folded on the kitchen scales.
- Some string or elastic.
- A pair of scissors.

1. Lay your chosen garment flat. Make sure it's composed with a compatible material- most dyes won't dye polyester blends, so be sure it's a cotton blend.
Loosely roll from the bottom of the garment into a tube.

2. Depending on how many stripes you'd like to have- the more stripes you want, the more elastic you'll need, tie the garment into sections. Really make sure the make the elastic  is really tight. 

3. To finish my leotard onesie, I tied four knots into the sleeves, for the knot dye effect. It's a really pretty pattern + could easily be done to an entire garment (I'm thinking jeans legs, right now!)

Twist the fabric until it curls up tight:

4. Tie a knot as close to the shoulder as you can, so you can fit another knot. 

5. Now your garment is ready! Make sure you have some other clothes to throw in (check out other tie dye methods here) as each packet can easily + vibrantly dye around 600gm of fabric. I decided to throw my old bleach stained jeans in to revamp them. It's an easy DIY project over bleach stained clothing!

6. Follow the packet directions of your dye. For mine, I had to place the dye with 500gms of salt + the clothes + run a 40 degrees celcius cycle on delicate.
Once the cycle is over, run the clothes on a 40 degrees celcius cycle with detergent to wash out excess dye. To clean the washing machine, run a cycle with detergent while the machine is empty.

7. Wait impatiently for the clothes to dry + viola!

Enjoy your awesome clothes that are like new again! Send me some pictures of your creations? I'd really like to see :)
Submit them to my Tumblr or Facebook- I want to get a little album going of clothes made from tutorials on my blog ^___^!

Tentacled hugs!




  1. What colour were the jeans originally and what colour were the splatter marks? I really want them jeans! :o

    Actually, they remind me of a skirt I bought from Dangerfield!

  2. EEEEEEEEEEE I'm getting so excited to dye/splatter bleach all my old jeans after reading this! :D