Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Toned Lipstick

And the sunglasses I got half price on sale. They're so weird- I kind of love them! Please excuse me, I look like a total goofball in this photo! :P

I've seen two toned lips in some magazines before, but I never really got around to trying it. Reds + baby pinks are recommended, but I think a dusky rose + mulberry look kind of cute together!

Just be careful to be subtle if you opt for darker colours, they can make you top lip look kind of like a moustache!

This is just a half a post while I bake sweet potato chips hehe!

It is 3C tonight- so chilly! Winter is the perfect excuse for jaffles, cosy knits + maxi skirts! How are you staying warm? ^_____^ ♥




  1. I like the two toned lipstick!
    It's different ^^

  2. I like the lipstick. :) I wonder how it would look with the darker colour on the bottom? I will have to try this!

  3. How I keep warm? I have a hot water bottle and a cat.

  4. Eh,,not a fan of the two tone really but you do look cute as a goofball!
    What was in your jaffles / what IS a jaffle? lol im from nebraska, US XD

  5. Beautiful.

    How do I keep warm? I'm not, it's HOT where I live. I keep my shorts out.

  6. The two tones lipstick is cool, I don't think I could do that coz I'm the type who can't help rubbing my lips together heaps when I wear lipstick haha it'd just end up the same colour XD

    It looks like your eyebrows are growing back well! Should have a progress blog :)

  7. The lip colours deffinately compliment each other. I think I'm going to try it out tomorrow. Thanks for the tip

  8. you're so amazing! *__* love your style! :]

  9. Haha I love these glasses. Your lucky, round glasses like this really don't suit me! x

  10. You look fantastic with the lipstick ^-^