Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Daily Outfits

The weather is cooling down rapidly here, in the fair city of Adelaide. We're currently in the middle of a pretty fierce cold snap, and I've been doing my best to dress accordingly. I've compiled some random snaps of recent outfits, which I shall credit correctly. Sorry they're crappy mirror shots- Alex is back at Uni for a few more weeks, when he's done, we'll have more time to shoot properly! :D

Thrifted sheer blouse. Thrifted blazer. Supre high waisted skirt. Sportsgirl waist cincher belt. American Apparel thigh high socks. TUK skull + bow heels. Supre scarf. Bowler hat.

Secondhand leopard print coat. Thrifted skinny jeans. Thrifted Westco cropped shirt. Inverted cross rosary. Dangerfield porthole sunglasses.

 Paper Heart caramel knit. DIY sheer maxi skirt. Sportsgirl waist cincher belt. Sportsgirl crystal point necklace. Thrifted sun hat. TUK skull + bow heels. Dangerfield porthole sunglasses.

Thrifted scarf turban (here's the tutorial of how to tie your own!). My grandmother's crocheted shawl. Supre thermal top. Sportsgirl waist cincher belt. Sportsgirl crystal point necklace. DIY sheer maxi skirt. I was wearing socks- this was my 'making dinner' outfit :D

My outfit today- so my ACTUAL daily outfit ;D
DIY thrifted scarf turban (here's the tutorial for tying it!). Thrifted blazer. Customised mens' skull tee, cut into a singlet, worn over a long sleeve top. Thrifted skinny jeans. Sportsgirl crystal point necklace. Dangerfield porthole sunglasses. Rivers' cut off booties (which I skilfully managed to crop out of this photo. D'oh!)

Well, those are my attempts- along with my chickpea curry- of staying warm this winter. How are you faring? Let's see some pictures of your favourite winter cuddlies! :D
Northern Hemisphere lovelies: Let it be known that I am INSANELY jealous of the fact that you get to swan around in sheer blouses + cut offs without freezing!



Psst.. I posted a new look.


  1. Lovely outfits & you look great!
    PLEASE do more Blogspot daily outfit posts - what you thrift and how you put it together is inspiring :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love these outfits! I especially love that first one and your sheer skirt makes me so jealous. You rock that turban too ;) And I agree that you should definately post more outfits posts. Your outfits are awesome and I love that they're thrifted! :)

  3. I love cold weather!
    And I love everyone of those outfits haha I wish I could pull out an outfit like that, but I'd have to think about it heaps coz it's not my normal everyday style XD

  4. As always.. you look awesome !

    I hope you have a good weekend x

  5. Only you could make a turban with a moden outfit look cool.
    I wish I could piece outfits together as well as you.
    Lovely as always.