Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Natural Eyebrows Tutorial- How to pencil in your brows!

So, I shot a step by step tutorial for how I pencil in my eyebrows. Obviously this aesthetic won't suit everyone, and you should modify it to suit you! ^_^

Edit: I have since written an updated version of my brow tutorial, which sort of extends on this tutorial. Definitely worth a lookie if you're curious :)

Okay, you'll need:

- A good eyebrow pencil, a few shades lighter than your hair colour is a good rule of thumb. I used Bourjois' "Sourcil Precision" eyebrow pencil in 03 Chatain.
- Brow powder. I used a dark matte brown, I got it as a part of my custom palette from Inglot.
- A creamy concealer. I used a concealer stick I got from Australis in Ivory.
- A shimmery eyeshadow/brow highlighter. I used a shimmery skin tone from my David Jones matte silk neutrals palette.
- Some good eyeshadow brushes, and a slanted eyeliner brush for your brow powder.

How to:

1. I find beginning with a clean face, after putting your eye make up on. You can see how much my eyebrows have grown in the past few days- hooray for Castor Oil!

2. Take your trusty eyebrow pencil (seriously- you're going to love yours to death from now on, promise!)
Hold it against your nostril. The point where the pencil meets your eyebrows marks the beginning of your brow. Any hairs outside this line can be tweezed. 

3. Sketch in some lines, from the line that you just marked. Pencil in lines along the top + bottom line of your eyebrows, where the hairs grow. The lines end around where your pupil sits in your eye- hard to co-ordinate at first, but the next step makes it easier. I look ridiculous, I know!

4. Take your pencil, and angle it from your nostril so that it intersects your pupil in your eye, where it sits when looking straight at yourself in the mirror. This is where your arch is meant to sit naturally, so fill in your brows to your arch, and then begin to sketch downwards for the tail of your eyebrow.

5. To determine how far your brows are meant to extend, take your pencil, resting against your nostril, angle it so it intersects with the outer corner of your eye. Sketch a tail in. It can be thicker, but I prefer to wear mine thinner :)

6. Now, take your brow powder + slanted eyeliner brush. Load the brush up with a bit of powder- make sure you tap off the excess before applying, or you may end up with powder on your face! Gently fill in your sketched on brows- pressing in the powder carefully.

7. Now, if you want your arches to appear higher, or your eyes appear brighter, or if you're like me, you want the bristles of regrowth to look a little less noticeable, get your concealer!
Dab on some concealer into the arches of your brow + blend carefully- you don't want to smear your hard work!

8. Take your skin toned shimmery powder, and blend into the concealer you just applied. It will reflect the light + create the illusion of higher arches + no bristly bits. Hooray! :D

And viola! You've now created gorgeous, natural eyebrows- suited to your face + everything! Wear them with pride! :D

How did you like this tutorial? It was my first make up tutorial I've written, so if you have any questions or concerns, drop me a line + I'll do my best to help you out. Let me know how you go- I'd love to see! ♥




  1. Your tutorial is very clear, and simple to follow ^^
    Too bad I can't use it since I don't have shaven my eyebrows..

  2. You can use it with your natural brows too, dear- just to fill in gappy bits! It's something that can be adapted for all eyebrow styles ^___^! ♥

  3. I had shaved eyebrows a few years ago,but for the same reasons as you I grew them back. They are now pretty much back to normal but I do need to make them look more thicker in the front. so...this is perfect!thanks for the awesome tut! :)


    Seriously love the idea of measuring with the pencil.

    *is proud*

  5. Ahh I LOVE your cheek piercings!

    I want mine sooo bad but Im scared it wont look good on me.


  6. this is wonderful to know :) I have kinda short eyebrows that I would love to make look a little longer :)

    -La Belle

  7. I just wanted to share with you that I've been inspired to grow my eyebrows out thick and lucious.

    I don't know if thick eyebrows will really suit me because my eyes are smallish, but it's such a beautiful, classic look.

    Thanks for the inspiration ^_^

  8. Agree with you not throwing out the makeup. Good idea. Can i ask, is it a general rule to do your eye makeup first and then brows? Right now I have natural brows but thought about shaving them.
    Thanks :)

  9. Thank youuuu! Thanks to you i'm growing my fuller brows back instead of tweezing meself to death! :D

  10. thanks have been looking for eyebrow tut everywhere,someone gave me this link,really easy to follow and looks good xx

  11. This is AMAZING. I couldn't be doing with watching long youtube tutorials. I have trouble making my eyebrows match but this is so simple, thank you!

  12. Easy to follow TUT .thanks to you!but i dunno if it's okay to use pencil brow liner only? Coz my brows are'nt perfect :(

  13. Great, thew tutorial and result was great. However, your many piercings made me shudder, they look fab but im a little squeamish (and I work in a hospital) ha ha

  14. Such a comprehensive tutorial; so clearly written! Can't wait to go home and try! Thanks!