Friday, May 20, 2011

Dodgy Blogspot + What's to come

I don't know if any of you have been having the same problem with Blogger + it being down recently- but it wiped a lot of the comments off some of my posts, I'm sorry!

I'm also sorry it has been a while with updates- I am just SO busy at the moment- I actually got some really cool news! :D

I recently had a meeting with a man who contacted me on Facebook for a magazine spread on modern body art in a local streetpress called Finger. We got along so well + were on the same wavelength for so much stuff, the shoot has evolved to me being involved with writing + blogging for the magazine. It's going to be a really exciting oppurtunity for mutually beneficial exposure + work, I am so excited!

I also recieved several parcels in the mail recently- one of a indigo lip pigment I ordered from an Portland Black Lipstick Company which I am SUPER excited to do a huge shoot + write up for. Isn't it just a divine colour? ^0^

The other parcel was from my beautiful + talented Tumblr friend, Nikki Lipstick, which consisted of Minnie Mouse pasties and the fifth printing of the first edition 'Fucked' shirt she made. I am going to be doing a huge shoot for them, I seriously can't wait, you need to stay tuned!
I managed to rock the shirt for a shopping journey, I like it with the braces! Sorry about the dodgy mirror shot D:

Lastly, I have been SO FLAT OUT BUSY making heaps of top hats for my grand opening on my Etsy Store!!! 
I'm uploading better photos of my hats on my DeviantArt (which has an NSFW filter, so don't worry!)

Anyhow, sorry to have such a scattered post. When things have settled down here, I'll get to posting some fun new DIY projects! :D :D
I'll leave you with a dorky photo of an amazing blingy scotty dog brooch I found in my favourite op shop recently. It's not something I'd usually wear, but I love it ^0^




  1. Congratulations on your career opportunities, you definitely have some real talent that's for sure. Very cool stuff. Best wishes.

    I'm excited for you, and random note - it looks like your eyebrows are growing back well!

  3. wowwww !!! you're amazing! and congrats for your great talent!!

    where have you found your "fucked" t-shirt? what is the brand?!
    you're awesome..kisses, brad.