Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Daily Outfits

The weather is cooling down rapidly here, in the fair city of Adelaide. We're currently in the middle of a pretty fierce cold snap, and I've been doing my best to dress accordingly. I've compiled some random snaps of recent outfits, which I shall credit correctly. Sorry they're crappy mirror shots- Alex is back at Uni for a few more weeks, when he's done, we'll have more time to shoot properly! :D

Thrifted sheer blouse. Thrifted blazer. Supre high waisted skirt. Sportsgirl waist cincher belt. American Apparel thigh high socks. TUK skull + bow heels. Supre scarf. Bowler hat.

Secondhand leopard print coat. Thrifted skinny jeans. Thrifted Westco cropped shirt. Inverted cross rosary. Dangerfield porthole sunglasses.

 Paper Heart caramel knit. DIY sheer maxi skirt. Sportsgirl waist cincher belt. Sportsgirl crystal point necklace. Thrifted sun hat. TUK skull + bow heels. Dangerfield porthole sunglasses.

Thrifted scarf turban (here's the tutorial of how to tie your own!). My grandmother's crocheted shawl. Supre thermal top. Sportsgirl waist cincher belt. Sportsgirl crystal point necklace. DIY sheer maxi skirt. I was wearing socks- this was my 'making dinner' outfit :D

My outfit today- so my ACTUAL daily outfit ;D
DIY thrifted scarf turban (here's the tutorial for tying it!). Thrifted blazer. Customised mens' skull tee, cut into a singlet, worn over a long sleeve top. Thrifted skinny jeans. Sportsgirl crystal point necklace. Dangerfield porthole sunglasses. Rivers' cut off booties (which I skilfully managed to crop out of this photo. D'oh!)

Well, those are my attempts- along with my chickpea curry- of staying warm this winter. How are you faring? Let's see some pictures of your favourite winter cuddlies! :D
Northern Hemisphere lovelies: Let it be known that I am INSANELY jealous of the fact that you get to swan around in sheer blouses + cut offs without freezing!



Psst.. I posted a new look.

Vegan Chana Masala recipe

I thought I should kick things off by confessing something to you guys. I think it's about time I was honest you people.
I am grappling with a crippling addiction to CHICKPEAS. Seriously. I'm eating hommus as I type this!

It's funny- before I went vegan, I never would have thought I'd put hommus, or chickpeas/mushrooms/lentils/tofu/asparagus/most things near my mouth, but since changing my diet, I have been introduced to so many new foods. Some of which I have become TOTALLY addicted to. Chickpeas, this is your cue!

When the weather starts to cool down, we all reach for our favourite winter warmer food. I have always had an affinity with Indian food, but I've only recently really been making them at home. Chickpea based curries in particular- I ADORE Chana Masala, and found a really easy recipe to make it at home. I've modified it a little, chucked some more vegetable goodies in (which can easily be omitted if you don't want them.) It's filling, warming and very hearty- above all, it's easy + quick to make!

Vegan Chana Masala (with some other extra goodies chucked in!)
Serves 4.

- Two tins of organic chickpeas in water. Drain them, then rinse them, then fill the can back up with water nearly to the top. The original recipe called for the whole tin, water and all, to be thrown in- but chickpea water makes you fart! I substituted one tin of chickpeas with a tin of lentils, but that is totally optional.

- 1 onion, diced finely.
- 5 cloves of garlic, diced finely. 
- Several mushrooms, chopped finely (optional)
- 5 tbsp olive oil.
- Juice from one lemon.
- 1 tsp curry powder.
- 1 tsp coriander powder.
- 1 tsp ground cumin.
- 1 tsp Garam Masala 
- 1 bag of Baby Spinach.
- Salt + pepper to taste.

How to:

1. Sautee the garlic and onion together in the olive oil, in a hot pan. Cook for 3-5 minutes, or until the onion is soft + see through.
2. Add the chickpeas, water + all, along with the spices + lemon juice. Don't add the lentils just yet- they don't need much cooking + if you cook them for too long, they just turn to mush! Cover the pan, and simmer the chickpeas for 10-15 minutes, or until cooked + soft.
3. Add the mushrooms, if you are adding them, and cook until soft. If you're adding the lentils, wait until the mushrooms are cooked before stirring them in.
4. Add the bag of spinach- it may look like heaps, but it wilts down. To make it easy, put the lid over the pan + wait a few minutes for it to wilt. Stir through + serve over rice, delicious! :D

I hope you enjoy the recipe- I think it needs a teaspoon of ginger to give it a little kick, but I'll add that in next time! You could also add a dash of coconut cream if you like your curries creamy, but this is honestly perfect without it :D

Happy cooking! Let me know how it goes!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Dodgy Blogspot + What's to come

I don't know if any of you have been having the same problem with Blogger + it being down recently- but it wiped a lot of the comments off some of my posts, I'm sorry!

I'm also sorry it has been a while with updates- I am just SO busy at the moment- I actually got some really cool news! :D

I recently had a meeting with a man who contacted me on Facebook for a magazine spread on modern body art in a local streetpress called Finger. We got along so well + were on the same wavelength for so much stuff, the shoot has evolved to me being involved with writing + blogging for the magazine. It's going to be a really exciting oppurtunity for mutually beneficial exposure + work, I am so excited!

I also recieved several parcels in the mail recently- one of a indigo lip pigment I ordered from an Portland Black Lipstick Company which I am SUPER excited to do a huge shoot + write up for. Isn't it just a divine colour? ^0^

The other parcel was from my beautiful + talented Tumblr friend, Nikki Lipstick, which consisted of Minnie Mouse pasties and the fifth printing of the first edition 'Fucked' shirt she made. I am going to be doing a huge shoot for them, I seriously can't wait, you need to stay tuned!
I managed to rock the shirt for a shopping journey, I like it with the braces! Sorry about the dodgy mirror shot D:

Lastly, I have been SO FLAT OUT BUSY making heaps of top hats for my grand opening on my Etsy Store!!! 
I'm uploading better photos of my hats on my DeviantArt (which has an NSFW filter, so don't worry!)

Anyhow, sorry to have such a scattered post. When things have settled down here, I'll get to posting some fun new DIY projects! :D :D
I'll leave you with a dorky photo of an amazing blingy scotty dog brooch I found in my favourite op shop recently. It's not something I'd usually wear, but I love it ^0^



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Miniature Top Hats.

I need something to keep me occupied, so I'm making some more of my minature top hats again.

I'll be posting more as I make them- they'll be for sale :) I'll put the details of purchasing on the post. Sorry I've been a bit slow with tutorials- I'm shooting a few as we speak! The weather has been awful frosty here at the moment- I feel sooo lazy + I just want to sleep all day!

Pssst. I posted another look on ;3

Alex and I did a super quick shoot so I could show off what I've made so far. The picture I shot is a little NSFW, so you'll have to click through :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Natural Eyebrows Tutorial- How to pencil in your brows!

So, I shot a step by step tutorial for how I pencil in my eyebrows. Obviously this aesthetic won't suit everyone, and you should modify it to suit you! ^_^

Edit: I have since written an updated version of my brow tutorial, which sort of extends on this tutorial. Definitely worth a lookie if you're curious :)

Okay, you'll need:

- A good eyebrow pencil, a few shades lighter than your hair colour is a good rule of thumb. I used Bourjois' "Sourcil Precision" eyebrow pencil in 03 Chatain.
- Brow powder. I used a dark matte brown, I got it as a part of my custom palette from Inglot.
- A creamy concealer. I used a concealer stick I got from Australis in Ivory.
- A shimmery eyeshadow/brow highlighter. I used a shimmery skin tone from my David Jones matte silk neutrals palette.
- Some good eyeshadow brushes, and a slanted eyeliner brush for your brow powder.

How to:

1. I find beginning with a clean face, after putting your eye make up on. You can see how much my eyebrows have grown in the past few days- hooray for Castor Oil!

2. Take your trusty eyebrow pencil (seriously- you're going to love yours to death from now on, promise!)
Hold it against your nostril. The point where the pencil meets your eyebrows marks the beginning of your brow. Any hairs outside this line can be tweezed. 

3. Sketch in some lines, from the line that you just marked. Pencil in lines along the top + bottom line of your eyebrows, where the hairs grow. The lines end around where your pupil sits in your eye- hard to co-ordinate at first, but the next step makes it easier. I look ridiculous, I know!

4. Take your pencil, and angle it from your nostril so that it intersects your pupil in your eye, where it sits when looking straight at yourself in the mirror. This is where your arch is meant to sit naturally, so fill in your brows to your arch, and then begin to sketch downwards for the tail of your eyebrow.

5. To determine how far your brows are meant to extend, take your pencil, resting against your nostril, angle it so it intersects with the outer corner of your eye. Sketch a tail in. It can be thicker, but I prefer to wear mine thinner :)

6. Now, take your brow powder + slanted eyeliner brush. Load the brush up with a bit of powder- make sure you tap off the excess before applying, or you may end up with powder on your face! Gently fill in your sketched on brows- pressing in the powder carefully.

7. Now, if you want your arches to appear higher, or your eyes appear brighter, or if you're like me, you want the bristles of regrowth to look a little less noticeable, get your concealer!
Dab on some concealer into the arches of your brow + blend carefully- you don't want to smear your hard work!

8. Take your skin toned shimmery powder, and blend into the concealer you just applied. It will reflect the light + create the illusion of higher arches + no bristly bits. Hooray! :D

And viola! You've now created gorgeous, natural eyebrows- suited to your face + everything! Wear them with pride! :D

How did you like this tutorial? It was my first make up tutorial I've written, so if you have any questions or concerns, drop me a line + I'll do my best to help you out. Let me know how you go- I'd love to see! ♥



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to grow your eyebrows out + avoid looking silly!

I don't know how many of you wonderful readers I have on my Tumblr or Facebook, but for those who don't, I have recently reached a rather huge decision in my life that I want to grow my eyebrows back.

Edit: My eyebrows grew back with great success & I have since written an updated version of my brow ritual. Do check it out! ♥

I've been shaving my eyebrows for close to six years now- after I burnt them off by accident as a teen, I just kept shaving + stayed content with having them gone. I must say, after six years of drawing them on every day, I am quite tired of it now! Along with growing my eyebrows back, I dyed my turquoise hair back to black. I did LOVE having blue hair, but it really represents quite a turbulent part of my life- now that I am past that, I feel that my image should reflect that, too. I also want to be taken more seriously as a heavily modified alternative girl in the fashion world, so I thought that should begin with having gorgeous, glossy black locks. What do you think? :D

Naturally, I DO have quite thick eyebrows- I'm thankful, as I really dig the thick brow aesthetic that is popular at the moment, along with the glamour they ooze (Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly + Edie Sedgewick anyone? :D)
I'm also very keen on not looking like an alien after a shower/in the morning, when my drawn on eyebrows have long since come off! Teehee!

I know a lot of my beautiful alternative friends who also shave their eyebrows off are curious as to how the growing back process goes, as with many of my friends who fell victim to the addiction of over-plucking, so I thought I'd post what I've been doing to minimize the bristly look while they're growing back.
Full brows are something that is so gorgeous right now, requires very little maintenance and frame your face beautifull.
If you're thinking of growing your brows back, you'll need:

- PATIENCE. Seriously- it's not something that is going to happen overnight, but the wait is worth it!

- A good eyebrow pencil. I bought mine from Natio, but Benefit + MAC also do excellent brow pencils. Eyebrow pencils are different to eyeliner pencils- they're much waxier + less soft, so they can withstand sweat, being rubbed off + brow powders stick much better to them. They also usually come with a little brush to easily smudge them into your brows. You are much better off hunting down a slightly more expensive eyebrow pencil than just using eyeliner- it's just not worth the smudge!

- A good eyebrow powder. If you have existing eyebrows + are trying to grow out over tweezed bits, you should definitely invest in a brow kit- they have waxes, combs + matte powders to fill your brows. If you're like me, sans brows, just buying powder for now until you have some hair is a good move.
You CAN use eyeshadow, but it doesn't tend to stick as well, and they often contain mica, which can give your eyebrows an unwanted shimmer. As long as you stick to matte, sheen free powders, you should be okay! That said, I picked my brow powder up from Inglot :)

- A creamy concealer + light shimmery eyeshadow. I use these to blend + conceal my bristly bits while growing my brows out. It also works wonders blended into your eyebrow arch to give you an instant non-surgical brow lift :D

- My top secret ingredient to bring this all together: CASTOR OIL.
It may sound bizarre, but the fatty oils in Castor Oil is excellent to promote hair growth, soft follicles + happy skin. I slick some on my brows before I go to bed, and I can honestly feel the difference in the morning. It's AMAZING!
For girls with existing brows, I seriously recommend you sleep with some on, and even comb some through in the morning. Not only does it make your brows look plump + healthy, but they also make them appear slightly darker + more filled in. Genius!
The only downside to Castor Oil, is it is sold in Pharmacies as a popular laxative, or labour inducer. Buying a bottle was slightly awkward, but well worth it!

Now, ladies, I know it's hard, but PUT DOWN THOSE TWEEZERS. The only way your brows are going to grow back full + healthy is if you leave them the hell alone! It will be hard for a while, trying to resist the urge, but trust me- it's worth it!
No more tweezing them into weird shapes, with high arches- let them grow free- only tweeze what you have to, outside your brow shape, or leave them alone!
I know the bristles are a hard thing to look at- they're hard to know they're on your face, being bristly + annoying.
Remember that people aren't going to be as up close and scrutinising your face as you are in your mirror- relax! People will hardly notice! To further resist the urge to tweeze by dotting on your favourite creamy concealer + blending in some lovely shimmery powder. Make sure it's the same or lighter than your skin tone, or it may look a little odd!
This is also a handy trick for when your eyes feel heavy + you need a little lift- shimmery powder in your brow arches is like an instant brow lift! :D

I've found filling in where my brows usually go (you can usually tell by day two where your brows are 'meant' to be) with a good eyebrow pencil, a few shades lighter than my hair, and pressing a good brow powder into the pencil creates natural shaped + wear resistant brows. I also blend a little concealer + highlighting powder into my arches to conceal bristles + make my eyes look more awake. And I'm done! That was much easier than drawing them on every morning now, wasn't it?

I'll leave you with a photo I took earlier tonight of day four of growing back my brows. If you blow the photo up huge, you can see where they used to be, but again, I don't really care- no one is going to be that close to my face scruitinising it asides from my slampiece- but he's not fazed by spare brow fluff anyways ;D

I'm actually in love with the custom palette I made at Inglot yesterday- isn't that soft brown amazing? :D

I'll shoot + write up a tutorial on pencilling in natural brows if you'd like? Let me know :)

I hope you're all having a simply beautiful day! ♥