Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sheer blouses = ♥

I don't know about anyone else, but I have been going a bit crazy for sheer blouses recently. I first spotted one in a tumblr post- a 90s Vogue shoot- I knew I had to have one.

I had a rather fortuitous op shop encounter recently, that resulted in me not only finding an awesome black sheer blouse, but a structured shoulder shirt, a chunky white knit, size 6 skinny black jeans + black harem pants.

Paired with the collar + bow tie I made recently, it made for some fancy daywear. I guess I caught the sheer bug from the sheer maxi skirt I made recently!

I'm trying to get the balls to wear it with pasties. I made a super quick pair + shot with Alex for fun- the pictures came out pretty okay! ^_^
I guess the pictures are technically NSFW, so click through :)

DIY collar + bow tie, thrifted jeans + sheer blouse. Photos taken by Alex Baulderstone.

I'm not the best pastie maker in the universe, so I made sure I dropped past Nikki Lipstick's site- you should too, she's an absolute sweetheart!

My tummy is so full of roasted carrot as I type this- I have been going a bit mad for it recently. Have you ever tried it roasted? Marinade whole baby carrots in some olive oil, crushed garlic + rosemary, then bake in a 220C (fanforced) oven on an oiled tray for 30-35minutes + viola! Delicious!

Stay tuned for the How-To Home Manicure! ♥

I love hearing post suggestions- tell me what you think I should write about ♥




  1. Did I bothered you? Idk if i've said something bad on the emails? Well, sorry if i did so.

  2. I absolutely love sheer blouses! ♥

    Also, wow,I really like those photo's of you!
    I already posted one on my tumblr if you don't mind. You are such an inspiration~♥

  3. Hey Gen! I haven't been able to get to my mail since Tumblr hijacked my account (it did the same with Twitter!)

    I'll be sure to post when I get this sorted- I don't want to have to change emails! Don't worry- you haven't said anything wrong! ♥

  4. Love the bottom pic where you're NEARLY looking at the camera XD
    wish you would look at the lens more often as you are lovely :)
    nice outfit

  5. That second pic is so awesome,facebook display pic?!?! haha

  6. Would you be able to post how you made the pasties? Is it just material with double sided tape or stuck some other way? Just wondering coz I may make some for my uni work haha

  7. Hey there sweetie! just wanted to say,I love your blog and your style and how open minded you are. :) wish I had more people like you where I live...

    Best wishes from a shaved,pierced,goofy dreadhead from Serbia! :)

  8. Waistcoats For Women I'm not the best pastie maker in the universe