Monday, April 4, 2011

RIP Vincent + How-To DIY Bleaching

My beloved bunny, Vincent Fluffybutt, succumbed in the night to Myxomatosis. I love him so very dearly + it's all so painful.

I've recieved some nasty comments about how "he was JUST a rabbit,"- which I think is quite rude. You should never estimate the value someone else feels for something. He began as my 'therapy pet' and became my best friend. I'm going to miss him terribly.

I was shooting around the time that it happened, weirdly enough for a set I called "Black Widow".

I like flipping photos. NO becomes ON. ;3

I customised the shirt by:
Cutting the collar + sleeve seams off, 
Painting undiluted cleaning bleach on + spattering with a paintbrush. Wait for a few minutes, then rinse until the water runs clear. Throw it in the washing machine for a rinse + a spin for good measure. 
Rub with a cheesegrater/sandpaper to give it an extra distressed look + viola! :)




  1. The shirt looks peachy :) Muchly dig it. When my "just a" rat, {CockRocket}, died, I was cut-more than one person got a swift smack upside the head for telling me to get over it before I was ready

  2. The shirt looks freakin' awesome! Those photos turned out great, the contrast and tones are groovy.

    Love takes on maaaannyy different forms, don't let those douches get you down, they clearly haven't experienced love in the special way you have - sucks to be them!

    RIP Vincent

  3. So sorry about your bunny. People can be so godamned rude sometimes. I wonder why they even feel the need to post such hurtful comments.

  4. Firstly, sorry to hear of your loss. I know exactly how it feels when some one says - "it's just a (insert animal here) I recently lost my super awesome black ghost knife fish. If you need some one to chat to about it, i am more than happy to listen.

    Which brings me to my second point. I think that your blog is awesome and it inspired me to start my own. Also, i admire how you are proud of who you are.

    Must seem like i am rambling hey?
    Anyhoo, just thought i would let you know this. :)

  5. It is thanks to people who comment such needless and cruel words that I have found myself with a much greater respect for the animal populace and a quickly diminished amount of respect for the human one.

    Sorry to hear about Vincent. I know how awfully heart breaking it is. I wanted to go back in time and kill the idiot who brought Calicivirus (what my own little therapy bunny, Duston, died of.)into the country.

    Thoughts are with you. <3

    Also, the shoot looks wonderful. <3

  6. I'm really sorry that people could be that rude to tell you that it was just a rabbit. But you did a good thing by not sending them a nuclear bomb of well deserve remarks. Non the less I really like what you did to that shirt, I might have to try that this upcoming spring. <3