Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Picture Spam

I started writing a really huge post for tonight, but I've been quite overcome with the blues. So instead of letting it affect my post, I'll call it a night + just post some photos from the past few days :)

Mismatched socks, vintage felt hat, thrifted shirt + shorts.

The first of the Ghosts series by Alex Baulderstone.

I cracked + cut my long fringe off. I think I look much better with a shorter fringe! ^_^

The beginning of my Rodarte inspired scarf. It's faux mohair, relax Vegan Police. With matching manicure, of course ;D
I'm really loving knitting as a craft at the moment- I need to meet fellow knitters so I can organise a Stitch 'n' Bitch. Knitters, say hi! ^_^

Also, follow my Tumblr- I'll be updating it more than Facebook pages with dorky pictures + what not. Say hi!




  1. I love those shoes on you. I used to think that kind of shoes were pretty horrible but you make them look so good!

  2. Cute shoes!
    Also, I like the short fringe ^^

  3. Wow!
    Where did you nab that hat?
    Was it expensive (if ok to ask?) I'd love to find one of my own

  4. Thank you, Laura! I never really liked round toed/platform heels, but the little skully bows really sold me! Too cute ^____^

    Aweh, Niesje; you're too kind! I thought I could deal with having a long fringe, but I like my eyebrows peeking through way too much ^___^

    Dear Anonymous; I picked that hat up from a thrift store for $8! I have seen other felt hats in Sportsgirl for $40 and American Apparel for $70; but give some local op shops a go! <3

  5. Wow!! You look amazing!! I love your socks and shoes sooo much!! eep <3

  6. im crazy about your socks <3
    your style is love!