Thursday, April 14, 2011

Headwear Obsession

I go back through old photos + it’s quite clear what I’m obsessed with at that point in time. Purple nails, lots of rings etc.
But something I have found to be consistently obsessed with + constantly seeking to expand my collection of stuff you wear on your head. I seriously LOVE me some headwear- hats, scarves, sunglasses; I have thrifted SO many because they’re so cheap + offer some real easy versatility in your wardrobe :D

Whenever I find a pretty scarf at an op shop, I’ll buy it. Asides from being awesome to wear as a scarf,they are easily turned into a super easy, super cute headwrap, to keep your head warm + conceal bad hair days. Headscarf tutorial HERE ♥

Even if they’re just a ribbon, intended for neck ties; they can easily be wrapped around your head in a cute alice band to pep up an outfit ^_^

I never used to own more than one pair at a time, and would be devastated when a pair broke because I hated shopping for them. I now own no less than 9 pairs, that I have thrifted + adopted over the past year. They are something that is SO easily customised. Craft shops sell everything, from felt, to stick on diamantes, to chains; you’re only limited by your imagination ;D
 I’d have to say, a huge vintage inspired pair is a must while you’re skulking around and being mysterious ;3

I made that sheer maxi skirt mysElf! I'm pretty pleased with it ^____^ Worn with my DIY bleach shirt, thrifted hat + bag.

People always go so crazy for hats when races are near- I’ve never managed to see why one day of watching horses run around in circles equated to wearing ridiculous hats. What mystifies me is, why isn’t EVERYDAY like this. I love hats- you can always make them work. Having a cool statement noggin decoration is always fun too- you should see the looks I get when I wear my raccoon hat out :P 

It doesn't always have to be a silly hat; I find slouchy beanies are really easily jazzed up with the use of a brooch or two- even stud earrings make cool 'badges'

Here is my most recent addition; I went out on a walk to feel less bleh, and nabbed it at the sales. I have wanted a Bowler hat for as long as I can remember- it’s about damn time I got around to owning one. That + my sweater = Degrassi High? Oh dear lord. I need help.

I'm, um, thinking of offering my services as a stylist to shoots, perhaps. I have a fairly large wardrobe I can utilise in choices etc. Would you like me to help out with a photoshoot? :)



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  1. Cool headwear!
    I love big sunglasses, but I only own 1 pair at the moment..I dislike looking for new ones. Maybe I should try looking at thrift stores as well, and hopefully I'll be lucky ^^

    Aah nice, tumblr, I'll follow you.
    Mine is

  2. I feel you on this one :) Me and the roommate have some super issues with accessories :) her with sunglasses and me with the thigh highs

    -La Belle

  3. tumblr. I'm burntdiamonds.tumblr - I was one of your first followers I believe. xD

    Headgear - Got to love it. I happen to have a hello kitty head beanie... thing. It's adorable, and really good when I want to go out and look... different. x3

    As for photoshoots, I am intrigued at how I could help, do tell me more. :3

    Thanks for being awesome.

    P.s. I'm heaps little

  4. the tutorial on "how to make your own headscarf" was really helpful. thanks!

  5. These are the types of post I love & so perfect for you!!
    faboosh pictures, but i love when you give advice, it's never pompous or elitist (like some other bloggers), it's down to earth and thrifty! :)
    love the ideas and i will check out nearby thrift stores for cool accessories (fingers crossed i find some as wicked as yours!)

    pls do more pictorials on how to do 'stuff' - would love to see the many ways to wear vintage scarf, how to shop (for anything) and save some money, how to sew (lol!), step-by-step deconstruction of an item for customisation, even pictures inside your fav op-shops....all by you!

    like with your diamonte sunglasses which were awesome, but maybe a step-by-step pictorial would help the creatively-stunted like me! :P

    Love when you show us how you do stuff XD

  6. Wow, I just found your blog and I wanted to tell you how much I love it! Keep up the good work, I'm going to link to your site on my blog for sure.
    <3 Kati