Thursday, April 14, 2011

DIY Clothes Freshener How-To

Everyone knows a winter staple this coming season, is a big cuddly knit. A lot tend to be woollen blends, and there’s nothing more frustrating when moths get into your wardrobe + have a munch on your favourite cardigan!
Even if you don’t own woolly clothes- coats + dresses hung up in your wardrobe can get musty after being hung up for a while- especially if your wardrobe also has your shoes in it. There’s nothing quite like consistently sweet smelling clothes ^____^

I decided to get cracking on a few after recently acquiring a few second hand woollen clothes that moths have already had a bit of a nibble on, and my shoes take up the bottom of the wardrobe. I REALLY didn’t want to buy mothballs- they are full of dangerous chemicals that can have some serious effects on people. Instead I worked with what I had- it’s a super easy DIY, and I put heaps of steps in it for people who are like me + suck at sewing D:<

You will need:
-          - A few sprigs of fresh Lavender, Rosemary. You can also use Mint, Cloves, Thyme, Rose petals; anything herby + strong smelling :)
-          - An old t-shirt. I cut up a shirt that was far too thrashed to take to an opshop, that had mesh sides, which was handy! You don’t have to use mesh- any material will do.
-          - Some ribbon, anything you want to decorate with.
-          -A handsewing needle, some dressmaking pins, a spool of thread + scissors

1.      - Tear up the herbs into a clean, dry bowl. I shredded off individual rosemary leaves + lavender flowers, but left a sprig and a flower to add in whole. Set aside.

2.      - Cut out a large square of fabric. Enough to fold in half + hold a good amount of stuffing. Pin in place with dressmaking pins.

3.      - Hand sew, with whatever stitch you’re comfortable with. I used a very basic stitch, but made sure they were fairly small so pieces didn’t escape. Take the pins out as you sew.

4.      - Sew around, but leave one end open- stuff with the mix you made. It should feel fairly full, but not to bursting. Tuck the whole flower + sprig in, then sew up up the remaining seam.

5.      - Make a loop with ribbon, and sew into place whichever way you want it to hang. I like to pretty things up- I made a little bow + sewed it on as well ^_^ You can customise them + make them as cute as you want!

6.      - Hang in your wardrobe, around the neck of a coathanger holding your favourite woollen. Or, just hang on an empty hanger to keep the wardrobe smelling sweet. You can even put them in drawers of clothes to prevent them from getting musty.

Gratuitous wardrobe shot!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial- it’s awesome to use less chemicals in the home, and keeping your favourite clothes fresh without moth balls or airspray is always a better option.

Send me some pictures of the ones you make? :D



P.S; This post idea was suggested to me a few times. What would you like me to write about? I am open to suggestion, drop me a line here or on my Tumblr ♥


  1. Excellent idea Z and seems easy enough for me as i don't have a sewing machine (or refined sewing skiilz)!
    Will be trying this over the weekend.
    my bf has some basil in his garden so i might try mine with that :)

  2. It looks very easy, I might give it a try!

  3. I randomly came across your blog one day and have since been checking up often. I love what you write but this is such a brilliant idea. Why did I never think of this before??? I still live with my parents and my dad is a chef. I can snag some of his herbs. Haha! Love it! :3

  4. Cloves and cinnamon mix is a sweet alternative I find :P

  5. I'll give this a try and see how it goes.
    The type of posts I like to read are what you're doing now..and just stuff that you do
    in your everyday life "also photo's if you can".
    I don't know you at all but you always come across a very lovely person.

    So, keep blogging..
    and have an awesome Easter break !