Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tongue Split Video + Month Long Thrift Commitment

Today I woke up feeling good- my mouth wasn’t sore, my tongue was able to move freely and I enjoyed some cereal for the first time in a week. Hooray! I filmed a quick video of me blabbing away- and showing off the freedom that I had with my tongue split now :D

I spent the day hiding inside, just to chill + lurk the internet. I’ve been so busy recently, it was nice to spend a day by mysElf, being lazy. Actually, that’s a lie, I DID leave the house to go get coffee with Alex before coming back again. It was while I was getting dressed, I was pleasantly surprised.

I was rummaging through my wardrobe when I came across a pair of pants that I had bought sometime last year- before I was vegan, and was still quite caught up in drinking and smoking. When I had bought them, they were quite tight fitting, even uncomfortable to wear. They used to cut into my hips, and bunch painfully behind my knees- so much so, that I wore them twice and then just buried them in my clothes. Putting them on today made me realise how much of a positive choice going vegan/quitting drinking and smoking has been for me- they fit loosely and look fantastic!

Seriously, I can’t sing the praises of detoxing your life like that enough. Try not getting shitfaced one weekend and see how good you feel, give some of my vegan recipes a crack, and have one vegetarian day a week, for a month. You’ll definitely see changes!


When I originally started Tentacles and Teacups, I was torn between two ideas- do a generic ‘fashion’ blog’ with my own personal twist, or do an ‘Agony Aunt’ advice column. I obviously went with the first idea, but it would seem that all wasn’t lost. While perusing the blogosphere today, I stumbled upon a blog that had had pretty much exactly the same idea as me- except, had executed WAY better than I ever could. Check it out heeere!

Before I go, I remember a while ago, I posted about an upcoming ‘project’ I had- well, it’s not so much a project as an experience. Do you think you could go a month without purchasing ANY new clothes (excepting personal items like underwear), and buying everything you need clotheswise from a thrift shop? I’m looking for a group of people to take the ‘one month thrift pledge’ with- every day, I’ll post my own thrifted outfits, plus those of whoever else involved to show people you don’t NEED new to look fabulous!

Who’s down? Drop me a line! I’m looking to start this soon! :D




  1. I haven't bought clothes for myself in a month or so cause I can't afford it.
    Not even underwear...
    Other than a new singlet top cause mine has a rip all the way up the side.

    Op-shops are SO GOOD especially for poor people like me. :D

  2. That experiment is way too easy.(For me.)
    I opp shop most of my clothes and the last time I bought something, clothing wise that was new, was about two months ago. :)

  3. i ADORE those pants! suits so well with your current hair color.

    i was thinking for a while that "pre-vegie" detox, and i try my best to get into a healthier way of eating and life as well. i'll your recipies for sure! would like that you could post more soon. i didnt know that you were being a vegetarian just for a year ago? how did you take the final decision?

    i only get new clothes like, 2 or 3 items max in a year. as i cannot afford much more, but also i myself enjoy customized and DIY stuff.

    i'm glad to see that you and you tongue are both ok^^

    Gen. xxx

  4. Haha I would so be up for that experiment EXCEPT I hardly ever buy clothes, and the clothes I do buy are second hand from TradeMe - I don't even leave the house for my shopping lol.
    I think the last time I bought something new was last year, coz there were these cool tops from a new store that were real cheap. Otherwise I hate spending money haha.

    I'm not vegan but I barely ever drink and my mates keep going "oh that must be why you're so skinny" I'm not even that skinny but not drinking much definately helps. Everyone I know binges!

  5. I'll do it, I always buy new clothes, and I'm trying to stop.

  6. I'd love to try the no new clothes!! I'm shocking when it comes to buying new stuff (but not as bad as I used to be)!
    I did try a similar challenge last year, but it was a buy nothing new (except food, drink and underwear) challenge and I failed miserably because I happened to have a lot of birthdays that month, and the op shop near me is pretty crap, and so I ended up giving up.
    But I think I'd have a better chance with just clothes :)

  7. I would gladly sign up for this challenge. Though the fact I buy 99.9% of my clothes from thrift stores doesn't impose a challenge.
    The challenge will instead be taking the photos of me wearing them.

    Count me in fo' sure homes.

  8. Most of my clothing is second hand - but from ebay P:
    I'd be very interested if you listed a bunch of good op shops in/around Adelaide for us!

  9. I´m up for the challenge. I´m terrible. I spend hundreds of dollars on my outfits and go back again the next week for more. This WILL be difficult for me, haha.

  10. Anonymous, my next post IS about amazing Adelaide Op Shops- stay tuned! :D

  11. I'd love to, though I pretty much only ever buy my clothes second hand in the first place... *snicker snicker*

  12. bar socks/undies/shoes, I can't recall buying a new item of clothing for about six years (sexy trenchcoat for my twenty first). Everything has either been found in alleys, badly made by yours truly, or op-shopped. there are enough clothes in the world that fit me already to bother going out and buying new stuff

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