Friday, March 18, 2011

Seventy Per Cent Cocoa + DIY Heart Elbow Patches

So, there nearly wasn't a post tonight because I was being all grouchy and poopy. But I was cheered up after the completion of a DIY project I was super stoked about, so here we are :)

My day in pictures;
It's Alex's birthday! I didn't want him to have a shocking one like me, so I planned my day (cupcake baking + card making) donned my DIY high waisted shorts, DIY fringed tee, DIY headscarf turban (tutorial of how to tie one HERE) and raced to pick up supplies.

He's a FIEND for dark chocolate, so I whipped him up some vegan mini chocolate mudcakes, with a 70% cocoa chocolate ganache + grated chocolate on top. Death by chocolate! As a weird coincidence, his amazing new lens for his new camera showed up today, so we took it for a spin photographing the yums I made for him :D

I'll post the recipe in my next post :)

Recently I have fallen a bit in love with the aesthetic of elbow patches. I had bought an amazing argyle sweater from Little Worn Wardrobe, but something was missing from it. In a stroke of genius, and a craft night with my bestie fuelled by vegetable stir fry + oreos, I came up with heart shaped elbow patches!
Made from material left over from my high waisted shorts, I just cut them out + sewed them on. It was EXACTLY what the jumper needed! YAY!

I has a goofy happy :3



Pee Ess; Alex, I'm sorry. I couldn't NOT do a smooshy bit. Happy Birthday, mister. I hope you've had an amazing day- you're such a good person + you totally deserved it. You rock <3 <3 <3


  1. Super cute Zeph! I LOVE the elbow patches. That's been on my to-do list for aggggges but you just bumped it up a bit I think!

  2. Ahhh! It's adorable! And happy birfdai meester Alex! xx

  3. Those cupcakes look soooo nom!!!
    Also, I checked out the how to tie a head scarf, and did it myself!
    Best bad hair day cover up EVER! And I frequently have bad hair days. I'ma go op shop trawling for more square scarves hehe

  4. YUS tutorial for headscarf - trying to cover my current hair which I'm not supposed to get wet, while walking in the rain to uni can be hard!!