Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My 21st Birthday + Tongue Split

Egads! I’ve done that thing where I disappear for extended periods of time again. I’m sorry! It’s been a really hectic week!

Where do I begin? Well, I turned 21 on the 26th of February, so Happy Birthday to me ^___^ It was a quiet affair, with family, some close friends, my boyface and his lovely mum. We had amazing eats at a nice restaurant, and then retired to Alex’s in the city for a night full of silly TV and laughter. Alex blew my mind by buying me John Joseph’s awesome book “Meat is for Pussies” which I haven’t been able to put down! You seriously have to track down a copy if you’re interested in a meat free lifestyle + kicking some serious ass :D

In other news, today (on the first of March), I bought mysElf my 21st birthday present- I got my tongue surgically split by Efix Roy. It looks SO COOL :D
I have posted a picture, but you will have to click through the page break to see it; it's QUITE gorey, I am just warning you now.

There is something I have noticed about the hardcore modification community online- there’s no shortage of photos and stories about the initial experience and once the modification is fully healed, but you rarely (if ever) find anything chronicling the trials of healing and aftercare.

I guess this is where I come in- I’ll be doing my best to write my experience with my tongue split, and to provide as much help and information as possible to aid anyone in their quest for modification happiness ^_____^

Day One. The day of the split.

I’m not going to lie- I was nervous as hell. I was quite anxious the night before- I nearly had an anxiety attack. Part of finally having the balls to go through with this procedure was a FUCK YOU to my dental/scalpel phobia. Not being afraid of pushing mysElf is a huge part of my motivation behind my body art, so I was determined not to be scared.
I ate a divine last solid meal for the week- a beautiful vegan feast at British India, chock full of protein and iron for the next few days. I think the whole ‘no solid food’ thing is going to SUCK for the next week or so!

I arrived early for my appointment- nervous as hell, but Efix Roy (who also performed the radical ear reshaping I underwent last year) made me feel super comfortable and calm about the whole thing. It was a real quick procedure- I swished some mouthwash, he marked where the split was to go, took out my 8g tongue bar + got me comfortable, lying down on the bench before getting cracking. Before I knew it, the split was over- it was literally done in about 5 minutes. That isn’t the long part though- the lengthiest part of the procedure was the sutures. I snapped a picture of the gorey mess, before he cleaned me up and I was on my way home.

The first thing I noticed was the DROOL. There was SO SO SO MUCH OF IT! I was a little conflicted as to how I was meant to deal with it, but I have found just being gross + swallowing it is the best thing you can do. It was around 10pm that I was in pretty bad pain- my tongue felt really fat with agony- I was scared of moving it, but had to because of the drool. It sucked.

I then realised I hadn’t actually taken any painkillers yet, and quickly popped a few Nurofen. It was more difficult than I anticipated, but the pain soon subsided to a more tolerable ache + I was able to get up out of bed + type this blog post!

I think right now, the best thing I can do is go take another Nurofen + cuddle up in bed with the (VERY VERY VERY patient + tolerant) boyface. I did a Vlog of my TERRIBLE speech problems I’m having at the moment- I will be sure to post it on the next post that I make for your entertainment ;3

Click through for a picture taken of my split, just after the suturing!

Until then, thank heavens for lentil soups!




  1. first of all, Happy Birthday!

    secondly, OMG! THAT IS FREAKY! 0_o

  2. :P you should never be scared of dental again! :P Though I think you might freak the dentist a little. Seriously though that is crazy ass shit Zephyr! But kudo's for getting something like this done for yourself that YOU wanted.

    BTW hate you cos nurofen works for you...nurofen + does squat for me =\...Normally have to just sit out head balls.

  3. Happy bday girl! Awesome you got a tonguesplit! Love them very much , especially in combo of venom tongue piercings ^^ good luch with it and I hope the pain will go away fast so you can enjoy it to the fullest!

  4. EWWW :P
    That's awesome for you.
    And I love the term "boyface"

  5. cool. do you mind if I use this picture on my blog?