Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is Blogging Killing the Magazine Star?

As a child, I was a voracious reader.  What am I talking about- I still am! I went nuts for any reading material I could get my hands on- books were my entire life. That was until I read my first magazine. It was a copy of Disney Adventures; I’m pretty sure it had Michael Jordan on the front cover. It had comics, interviews and jokes. It was awesome! My love of magazines only continued to grow- I went from DA, to K-Zone, to Double Helix, to Girlfriend/Dolly, to Cosmopolitan, Fiend and Cleo. Hell, I was even partial to a good leaf through Hustler’s Taboo, Penthouse; even Playboy.

My main source of fashion inspiration extended as far as gossip magazines, the occasional issue of Fiend magazine and anyone breaking the mould on the two social networking sites I inhabited. I had baskets in my bedroom overflowing with read-to-death copies of Cosmopolitan, Cleo- even the occasional issue of Grazia; depending how bored I was.
I’ve only recently become an active member of the blogosphere. For years before this, I attempted to keep blogs and journals on various websites, but never really managed to knuckle down and make anything that lasted. I just didn’t really have enough to say, or had ever really seen much of what a blog could be outside of whiny posts children made on Myspace. 

I’ve since evolved into an opinionated, mouthy bitch- with a camera, a clue about how to dress mysElf and time on my hands. I’ve developed my own drum beat to walk to, and have somehow managed to finally get the motivation to share it with other people. Having a blog, means exposure to so much more than I ever thought. I’ve been able to delve and follow links for hours on end, stumbling and devouring blogs by the dozen. DIY craft, indie fashion, haute couture and bizarro opinion columns in particular piqued my interest, and I found as my blogroll reading list grew, I found the piles of magazines I kept around me beginning to shrink. I often found mysElf thinking about buying a copy of Cosmo, only to be chided by my voice of reason to just surf the blogosphere instead- it was free + I’m more likely to find what I am after.

With the internet an ever-growing resource, every person being able to have a say instead of being limited to what their newsstand orders in, it’s not suprising to know that the trend of having a blog has exploded; illustrated by the sheer prolificness of the social networking site Tumblr. It’s got me thinking though; with the availability of pretty much anything you’re looking for, why would we even both reading magazines? Why pay for something when you can get it on the internet for free, and not have to clutter your room?

My heart sank when I thought of magazines slowly becoming an extinct resource. With the popularity of e-books spreading, it’s not at all a surprise that online zines are experiencing the same success. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I love nothing more than to crack open a beautiful book; smell the pages, crease the cover, as I read through + fill my mind. I just much prefer the PHYSICALNESS of reading a real book, as opposed to something online. I think similarly when it comes to magazines- I love trawling bigger shops for rare gems, once annual fashion publications, tiny craft zines smushed behind obnoxious covers of Vogue. I love the feeling of leafing through, finding something you deem worth of spending money on + the paper bags you carry them in. I love the feeling of settling down with a  cup of tea + the brush of turning pages against my hands- the feeling of contentment and inspiration when you come to the end of it, and put it atop the pile next to the couch.

As much as I love blogs, and the online community that supports them, I also am so terrified of losing something as special as magazines. The teams that are behind them, the work it takes to put one out, the inspiration the writers take to create them.

Take some time to really browse your newsagents next time you’re there, look past the NWs and the Zoos. Leaf through the free street presses in your favourite music shop. Hiding in there could be your next big inspiration, thought provoker, tear jerker, or all of the above.

Don’t let the online world of blogging kill the magazine star!

Some of my current favourite magazines:
Dazed and Confused
Nude UK
Vice (Free streetpress)
Attitude (Free streetpress)

Before I go, I'll leave you with a happy snap I took yesterday. I had a Hyperbole and a Half kind of day yesterday, and actually went + did the stuff I didn't think I'd ever get around to doing. it paid off though- I dropped past a thrift store in a part of town I rarely go to, and found the world's most perfect fitting black skinny jeans + this mint green pure silk scarf. I never wear really girly things, but I think it looks awesome! What do you think? :3

Not only am I sticking to my New Years Resolution of keeping a blog, I'm also managing to wear way less makeup than I used to. How are you going with YOUR New Years Resolutions?  I'll enable commenting, so drop me a line <3




  1. although i am skinny, i thought i could use some toning up. my new years resolution is to do sit ups/crunches every/every other day. i am seeing a difference!

    ps, your girly little scarf thing is a purdy color on you. i likes it.
    keep doing what you do, gabby <3

  2. Start reading Heavy Metal magazine. It's pretty tits. I think the newsagency across the road from HJ's on Pulteney Street stocks it, otherwise check out Pulp Fiction (they've usually got a whole heap of back issues lying around, be nice to the staff and they'll probably sell them cheap).

  3. I'm still a squishy bum since I haven't had the chance to exercise, but I've stuck to being vegan! :D
    and although not completely achieved, I've cut back SO much on smoking, I'm pretty sure quitting completely is not far away!

  4. I love the smell of a new book, the crispness of the pages under my hand and that delightful 'crunch' when you bend back a new magazine! I love blogs too but there's not much better than holding something in your hand the weight of it, strange but I do like my magazines and books :)

  5. Books! I love books, nothing can replace them. Nothing better than to hibernate with a good book and snackage

  6. i'll actually be glad when (if) mags are a thing of yesteryear
    the amount of paper {and therefore, bootiful trees} needed to make those glossy pages filled w/ irrelevant advertising and shamelessly photoshopped piks is disgraceful.
    t'would be one major thing we all could do to help the environment i reckon.
    blogs,, online papers and e-zines are the way of the future!

  7. You make a good point, Anon; but remember almost all magazines are printed on 100% recycled paper these days; and themselves can be recycled again. I donated all of my younger girly magazines to schools so they had something to cut up for craft time, for instance ;D

    You do raise an excellent point though- imagine how skinny VOGUE would be without all those stupid advertisements! I HATE THEEMMM!

  8. I study Journalism and we were talking about this only last week. Needless to say the extinction of magazines and newspapers would not be good news to me!

  9. I'm a total book/magazine worm!! There is nothing better than sitting down for a good read. It will be a sad sad day if they ever become extinct.

  10. I LOVE BOOKS, got so many of them and I read almost every night, even if it's just a tiny bit coz I'm tired.
    When I was a kid I read Dolly mag and I would LOVE to still get mags, not Dolly coz I outgrew that haha but yeah I love having the images in my hand, being able to stick them on my wall - I had articles such as "I'm a goth and I like to hang out in cemeteries" and "what's the go with emo" on my wall from Dolly XD but they're too expensive. I have a wishlist on my facebook and one of the things on there is magazine subscriptions, ones like vogue or alternative ones like revolver would be amazing but I haven't looked through a magazine in years :(

    I also don't like reading online/on screens. It's annoying and sometimes my eyes go blurry. I like your blogs coz they're not hugely long and it's all stuff I'm interested in, but a book on screen I could never manage, and magazines on screen I'd just never do, too much crap to sift through, rather have the physical book of it.

  11. I agree COMPLETELY about the physical aspect of books & magazines. It would be a horrible shame to lose them, as awesome as the internet is...it's just not the same.

  12. Mines not going so well :-/ good to hear yours is though!


  13. My favourite magazine is super food ideas, cause you can use all teh recipies again and again, they have vegeterian section each month too so those could prolly be used to make some vegan eats too?

    i have one called roast vegetable salad which is vegan and nommy that is in a couple year old mag which everyone loves... cept my bro, he's a canvivore

    Lauren -one of the twins