Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy 50th + Five Simple Ways to Customise Your Shirts

Wow! I can barely believe it- I'm at 50 posts! While that might not sound like much, I'm pretty chuffed; considering most other attempts I made at blogging ended after around 4 posts :P

So, hip hooray ^_^

Five Easy Ways to Customise Your Shirts!

1. Go off the shoulder.
I don't even have words for how easy it is to change the entire look of a dull shirt, just by cutting off a tight neckline, and wearing it slightly to the side. It's one of my favourite things to do when I have a top that doesn't look quite right on me and is damn near impossible to screw up for those who are made nervous by craft ;)

2. Bleach spatter.
I love the look of bleach spatter so much! It doesn't even have to be spatter- I've seen some incredible stuff people have done just by painting bleach onto their clothes. Either way, it's possibly one of the easier ways to funk up your clothes.
Simply take some undiluted bleach, splatter and decorate your DRY clothes to your hearts content, then rinse with cool water until it runs clear. Leave to dry + viola!

3. Slashes + safety pins.
I really really REALLY hate people who spend money on clothes that are pre-ripped and slashed. I mean, SERIOUSLY guys? It wouldn't kill you to save a dime by doing it yourself AND looking unique!
Some people think heavily ripped and slashed clothing can be a little intense- I know I've had a few worries of accidentally flashing someone through my tears. Solution? A packet of safety pins from a craft shop will only cost a few dollars. Pinning together slashes looks bitchin' and is totally customiseable. Have fun! Take your craft rage out on your shirt! :D

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4. Fringing.
Something that is on a rise back to popularity; fringes! I totally dig the way a fringed shirt feels when it's blowing in a breeze + dancing over my skin. All you really need is some sharp scissors and patience: cut long, even strips in to where ever you desire the fringing effect. Try sewing strips of materials to ribbon + sewing onto shirts- the layering is awesome!

5. Woven slashes.
This is not the easiest thing in the world, so perhaps practise it a few times on some material before giving it a shot on your shirt. The result is definitely worth it, though! An easy to follow tutorial (granted it's for leggings, but the principle is still the same) HERE.

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Well? What are you waiting for? Get creating- I want to see what you come up with!




  1. Just be careful with safety pins not to put them on the back of your leg, where they might open up, waiting for you to sit on them. >_< Ow.

  2. I think I deffo have to try the fringing and the woven slashes, I remember when I customised a denim jacket with slashes and pins, proper punky like :-P Yaya!
    I did my rootage a few days ago too and accidently bleach splattered my top on the floor, oops! It may be the top I use to slash ... ^_^

    Thanks for sharing Zephyr, some neato ideas here!!

  3. Haha I totally agree about the people who buy pre-ripped jeans!! Hate it! I have some extremely ripped, kinda baggy jeans which I cut up myself to use as me "work jeans" for uni, and I got compliments from my mates asking where I got them from hahaha they're not even good-looking lol

  4. OH OH I just looked at that tutorial and it was totally awesome and gave me some good ideas, but I think it was easier to understand coz I already knew that tying process. I learnt it from this tutorial, which may be better for people who haven't done it before, and it's done on a t-shirt:

  5. I am in love with your blog and finally got my own thanks to you! You've inspired me to DIY and to thrift. Thank you so much for inspiring me even style wise, to be creative and come up with whatever makes me feel good. Congratulations on your 50th post and I hope you continue to post considering I love reading/following you!

  6. I've just found your blog and I love these ideas *.*