Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fangirl Moment + Black Lip Pigment.

Okay, I really really really hate to be the world’s lamest dude ever, but this doesn’t happen to me very often, so I just HAD to share.
I’ve been an avid follower of since I accidentally stumbled across Hal’s blog sometime last year. Without sounding like the creepiest stalker ever, but it was her blog + style that has completely inspired me to just be the person I want to be- I could seriously spend hours talking about her, but I’ll skip it for now ;D

So anyways, I logged on this morning feeling rather low, to see Hal had visited my blog + left me a comment! I’d even made it on to her Blogroll- I actually squealed out loud. I don’t even have words for how happy receiving her compliments made me- I’ve had the looniest smile on my face all day ^____^
If you somehow haven’t already, DO check out her blog HERE. + you can see what I mean ;D

In completely unrelated news, I am on my way to fixing up a print system for my work. I’ve had a lot of lovely people request pictures as posters, and I’d love to help out! I’ll set it up on a request basis, with a flat rate for different sizes + finishes; more information will be going up on my Fanpage on Facebook when I have more details. Put me on your wall- I’ll watch you when you sleep! Teehee!

Sorry it’s a short one tonight- I went for a hunt around a thrift store today and found some groovy fodder for a DIY project I’d wanted to do for a while. And a clear vinyl handbag! I’m seriously in love- but I want to do something really cheeky with it; like put a porn magazine in it when I go out or something?

Obligatory picturespam!
Also, black lipstick;

Also also, I wore the black lipstick to cover up the fact that my lips are so sad at the moment. Stupid dry air cracking my lips!

Also also also, Alex is napping and there’s crap on TV and my necklace looks like frogspawn!

My moustache brooch hooks on perfectly to my medusa piercing. That rules.



  1. i don't have an account on this site or anything but i just adore yours! you have such an unconventional passion for fashion. the message i'm getting from you is that we can all look like badasses without killing our wallets.

    -love viddy

  2. Your smile is so cheeky cute!! :3

  3. Hello, have you seen the film sexy killer? It's a Spanish film,

    Anyway, the lead female in that has a clear vinyl bag and she puts a severed head in hers and goes out for a walk. It's pretty brutal!

  4. Thank you so much! I am loving your blog for real. Really refreshing, and I think you're beautiful.