Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ethics & Molars + DIY Lego Bow Tie

I decided to take my Lego bow tie for a spin- went to town for coffee + to see a show put on in Clarity Records. I was super excite to see The Shakes, with Ethics & Molars, and Nebraska playing support. 

Unfortunately, I only got to see Ethics & Molars before I was overcome with a blinding migraine. Perhaps it was my brain imploding from the amount of cute they were- the music, members of the band AND lyrics were all so insanely cute + sweet, I swear I got tooth decay from just being there. They're quite new to the local music scene, but if you manage to hunt them down or see them live, they are definitely worth the door price on whatever venue they're at- promise! :D

Before the show, I dropped past my favourite op shop in the city just to see if they had anything new in, and managed to walk away with a brand new pair of TUK heels, American Apparel lace tights AND a full length velvet skirt. Amazing! There will be pictures soon <3

Alex also took some amazing photos of me in the beautiful flower garden across from our house. I implore you to suss out more of his work HERE- he's amazing :)

Stockings and socks are my new love.




  1. what is your favourite op shop?

  2. where did you get your shoes? i looooves them :D

  3. oo which one in town do u love? i only ever really hit up hindley goodwill in town,

  4. Oh My Fucking God!!!!!
    i love this lego boe tie <3
    i could make one!