Thursday, March 24, 2011

Purple Patch

Due to all the controversy of my last post, there was no room to fit in pictures of the brief 'set' I shot with Alex today. You can see more of his work HERE.

We both agreed that my purple thigh high socks over stockings with a moustache brooch + raccoon hat was far too epic to go uncaptured, so we shot a quick series of photos on the balcony. I think they went rather well!

I also think I have a tiny sock obsession- I have had to put all my stockings and socks in a separate drawer because I couldn't find any of my underwear! I may have a problem ;D





  1. I tried to post on your last blog but it would not allow me so I will try on this one! I said I adore you so much and this made me adore you even more! In a relationship restrictedness is never a good thing if it causes tension and disaster. And I am glad to see that you found yourself a thing to fit under, I myself am trying to find something, but I must admit, I think I will stay with all my meshed likeings. You are a beautiful girl and deserve what you fucking want! Fuck what people say! And hows the tongue? ;) I hope my english was good, Im from Finland and use it not so often!

  2. As always you look gorgeous
    and love the clothes.
    Could you please tell me what lens was used
    to take these portraits? Ta !

  3. Heya lovely!

    Alex is a MASSIVE camera nerd- it's actually kinda cute!- but he's asleep and I don't know much about cameras D:

    According to the box the lens came in, it's a Canon EFS 17-55mm, which he uses with a really new Canon model he just picked up.

    I'll ask him what the actual details are when he gets out of bed! XD

    I have two little drawers in my room, one stuffed full of socks, the other stuffed full of stockings. Can't always shut the drawers.
    I'm so jealous of your socks, I have ones that I would guess are a similar purple (hard to tell with computer monitors) cept mine are full stockings.
    I think I have shorts almost exactly like that too, but haven't worn them coz they're second hand and need darts in them, maybe I'll do a "Zephyr Elf Cosplay" XD

  5. Hey mystafied,
    These shots were taken with a Canon 60D with the EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 lense. :)

  6. They're pretty awsome shots.
    Thanks very much !