Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dreams on Hold + Coat Love

I guess this is some kind of announcement of sorts. I know recently I have been talking A LOT about escaping to Melbourne- especially since I had the massive issues I went through not that long ago. I seriously set about looking for houses, jobs and anything I could do to help get mysElf settled when over there.

Asides from the obvious complications of being interstate when job searching, I had no idea where to begin for house hunting. Not only am I in an entirely different city, landlords don’t ever take too kindly to my image + there was the matter of the existing black hole in my rental history from just couch surfing for the past few years. I was at an utter loss as to how I was meant to get around those things.

As a result of these complications, and others, I’ve decided that for now, I’m going to have to put my moving dream on hold. It’s easy to be like “FUCK EVERYTHIIING” and pack up and leave, but I’ve finally come to a place where I am content with the people I have surrounded mysElf with, what I am creating + the path that I appear to be on. Sometimes dreams have to be put on hold when you find yoursElf veering down a good path.
Of course, this is all subject to change, and I guarantee that the next mood swing will probably result in my posting “FUCK THIS, MELBOURNE IT ISSSSS”, but for now I think I’ll stay where I am.

This is definitely not to say that I am not going to travel in the near future, as I have plans + dreams of not only visiting Melbourne, but heading to Brisbane, Sydney + internationally; provided I have a couch I can crash on! I want to turn it into this blog tour, with pictures + hangouts with amazing people; drop me a line if you have any ideas for hangouts!

I’m also looking for photographers who would be keen to collaborate. Let me define this word; I want to shoot both yours AND my concepts. I’m not about to dictate the whole shoot, but I am really tired of shooting everyone else’s concepts, but having mine overlooked. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat- I want to work this on a T*CD basis, so drop me a line.

I’ll end this ranty rant on a better note; look at my amazing Russian trench coat I picked up for thirty measly dollars! I love it so much- I never want to take it off! :D

Worn with a brooch I picked up from a local business, Clarity Records. If vinyl is your love, drop past their shop on Pulteney Street- you won't regret it :3




  1. Come to Belgium! I want to work with you :D

  2. Your Jacket! I hearty heart it! <3 _ <3

  3. Melbourne is def. the best city in Australia.

  4. I'd offer you my couch if you travelled to NZ but I currently live at home so that could be a bit weird XD
    I'm not a photographer but if you ever came to NZ I'd love to model with you XD I'm not a natural model and I think photographers have had to work hard to get me to look good but I think I could learn a lot from you, you seem so natural and confident! I just do a bit of modelling for fun haha

  5. I love the boat!
    and your short is love!
    so retro <3

    your style is that of contrasts (like me) but you are much more trash and outrageous!