Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DIY Shorts + Headscarf Turban

I've been doing my best to keep on top of things recently, and it all caught up with me tonight. So sorry, no post tonight. Just pictures :)

DIY high waisted pleather pants. I picked them + the blouse I'm wearing up at the same op shop :)

I figured out how to wrap a hair turban properly to protect my bald head from the sun, and slipped into something a little more comfortable than pleather pants in the heat. So Alex + I headed to the flower garden across the road to snap some shots in the dwindling light.

And of course, obligatory hipster bedroom shots.

I'll do my best to pick up my game in the next few days. Sorry, again >.<




  1. Oh, Zephyr, you are so beautiful! Do you ever have a bad photo?? XX

  2. You should do a tutorial on how you folded the turban XD

  3. I love your high-waisted pleather shorts in the first photo! Especially paired with the shirt and necklace! You have the strangest way of pairing things together to make them interesting and bold!

    I absolutely love it! On the other hand of things, I do hope you're feeling alright! Not sure if you've just hit an antisocial snag or what, but whatever it is, I hope you feel better by the next time you blog again! <3