Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day Two of my Tongue Split

Day 2 of my Tongue Split.

Hell on Earth.

I woke up after an AWFUL night’s sleep, covered in drool. I spent the night tossing and turning, and waking up every hour, on the hour. I had a random stroke of genius + thought to cover Alex’s beautiful pale pillow covers with a towel, should I drool in the night. And boy, did I ever. The towel was soaked and my mouth was SO DRY. I winced as I moved my poor tongue inside my mouth. It had swollen to at least three times its original size and it FREAKING HURT.

I crawled out of bed, and onto the fold out couch in the loungeroom, in front of the TV and remained there for the rest of the day. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t eat, I could barely even swallow the icy water I had handy- it was hell. I even had trouble taking my medication/painkillers! I found that when I put them down the side of my cheek as opposed to just on the ‘front’ of my tongue really helped to swallow them-  I found the same thing when I had my tongue pierced, actually.

I spent most of the day napping + watching trashy TV, when I noticed this GODAWFUL STENCH wafting in the air. And then realised that it was MY MOUTH making it! Apparently with sutured tongue splits, this is completely normal. Silk sutures are used + they easily absorb food particles and what not, which means STEEEENKY breath until they’re taken out. Boy, do I mean STINKY! I felt so bad and sElf conscious about it, I covered my mouth while talking to Alex!  I think the worst part is that the stink and the drool combine to make this AWWWFUL stinky drool! Ick! I find having a towel to just drool on all day is really handy- don’t spit out the drool! It will make the swelling worse- as gross as this is, just swallow the stuff or drool it out. Nasty, but these are the things we do for aesthetic happiness ;D

There’s not a whole lot you can do about the smell, but if the stink really does get you down, try gently brushing your teeth three times a day, and using alcohol free mouthwash (like Colgate’s Plax. Do NOT, for the life of you, use Listerine or any other alcohol based mouthwash. Not only is it too harsh + will do more harm than good, it will STING like a bitch, and the alcohol will exacerbate the swelling and bruising- NOT COOL!)

Late in the afternoon, I attempted to eat some soup. It failed quite spectacularly- I only managed to get around 5 teaspoons down. Strangely, I was satisfied with just that though. Pro tip; if you’re planning on trying to eat ANYTHING on the second day, do not do it with cutlery. Make sure it’s something you can slurp down from the bowl, like watery soup.

I also found having icy water on hand at ALL TIMES is really handy- it really does help with the swelling, and is good when you think you’re hungry but don’t want to face food just yet. As does ibuprofen (an anti inflammatory painkiller) and a BIG supply of TV/movies to watch while you’re lying around in bed.
It is a really painful day, while your body comes to terms with what you’ve gone and done to it! It’s hard not to get really bummed out about how much pain you’re in, but it’s going to be SO worth it, so hang in there!




  1. =\ no spit in mouth = suckage....

  2. I've never been a huge fan of tongue splits but I'm finding all this fascinating! Good for you for going through it, I'm amazed. I could not do that.
    Could some sort of mint or lolly just left on your tongue to melt or something, or drool out help with the smell? Or would that be bad for your tongue?
    Just thought it may be nice if you're not eating much, get some good flavour on your tongue haha

  3. When your able to eat something a little more substantial finely mashed potato is a good way to go, since you don't need to chew and is gentle on the tongue. Just be super patient with yourself and hang in there once the stitches are out it makes things so much easier ^-^ plus smelly elf is still a pretty elf :D

  4. Reading your entries and being only on the 2nd day of healing really comforts me.
    You are absolutely right, nobody bothers to tell the tale from start to end so this is very pleasing. Thank you so much!