Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day Three, Four and Five of my Tongue Split- with video! :D

Day 3.

More hell.

Sleep was a lot better than it seemed to be the past few days- I attribute this to sheer exhaustion + the fact that Alex went and got me some Nurofen Plus to help me feel better.

I was still drooly, sore and swollen; except instead of being too hurt to eat, I was STAAARVING. I couldn’t take it anymore- I couldn’t chew, swallow or even eat anything with cutlery, but I HAD TO EAT! I resolved this problem by making up some soy custard from powder, but watering it down quite a bit with a lot of soymilk to make it good and runny. I then drank it straight from the bowl I made it in- success! Not having to put a spoon in my mouth to eat was SO MUCH EASIER!

I continued to just spend the day sleeping and lying in front of the TV- I couldn’t believe it had been so long since I last used the internet, but I just had no up and go to do so. I got hungry again towards the end of the day, so I made up some Tomato Soup with extra water and soymilk so it was good and runny and drank it, a teacup at a time. I was really sore, and had to mouthwash every time I did this, but it felt good not to be hungry. Making sure I had ibuprofen and icy water with me at all times helped keep the swelling at bay while my tongue was pissed at me for using it.

While gently brushing my teeth that night, I carefully used the tongue brush on the back of my toothbrush to scrape away some of the nasty dead white taste buds on my tongue + it felt really good! I went to bed with the cleanest feeling mouth I’d had in aaages!

Day 4.

Everything’s looking up, Millhouse!

I woke up to no drool, no pain, no additional swelling and no dry mouth! I was pretty happy with that- and treated mysElf to a nice warm coffee to celebrate :D

I got up, had a shower, put on makeup and a nice outfit, and left the house for the first time since I had got my tongue split. I was feeling pretty good, asides from the bummer feeling lurking deep down inside me. I have a bizarre reaction to not being able to eat- the same thing happened when I got my tongue pierced; I actually was quite depressed towards the end of healing them because I honestly do love food a little too much.

I was CRAVING something to eat, so after heading to Modify to get the all clear to eat some solid food, I sat down + ate several chips. SUCCESS! ACHIEVMENT UNLOCKED! My first solid meal in DAYS! I suddenly felt like a million dollars + couldn’t stop smiling- it’s amazing how much food affects body chemistry!

I was feeling really positive about getting my stitches out too- only three days to go til the wee beggars come out and I was totally psyched for it!
I made sure I still took a good amount of ibuprofen + flushed out my system by drinking loooots of ice water- but I couldn’t help but feel really positive and good about my tongue split; for the first time since I had it done. I was less drooly, less hurty + had a full belly and it was awesome :D

Later that night, I cuddled up to the slampiece and watched Step Brothers + excused mysElf to take a call from a LOVELY girl I have on my Facebook who was calling just  for a good ol’ chinwag. I LOVE CHATTING!

Though my tongue was still a little fat, I was feeling confident + had another solid meal for dinner- home made sweet potato chips, this time. I hurt my mouth a little, as they were quite chewy and had some crunchy, pointy bits- but they furthered my feeling of success. Hang in there guys- the first few days are HELL ON EARTH, but they make the first day you can eat solids/get out of bed feel all that more amazing :D
All in all, it was a very positive day + really helped me feel good about my decision :D

Day 5

Nearly there, now!

I decided to clean Alex’s entire kitchen, and did so. I also did a HUGE pile of laundry that I had neglected while feeling crappy + had my lovely friends, Stefan, Jade and her younger sister Codi, over to hang out, have a session and just have a good time being goobers together.

Jade is amazing- we went and got some vegan pizza which I had no problem shovelling into my gob! I LOOOOOOVE MUSHROOM PIZZA!
My mouth was still a little sensitive, and I pulled apart my split for the first time to closely study the stitches. It was pretty grotesque, and naturally I have a picture of it! 

Hungry? Yeah, me either D:

Only two more days until my stitches have to come out. I have been getting such awesome help from amazing friends of mine who have already taken the plunge + had their tongues split, the gorgeous miss Rachie Tartz and mister Fernando Peralta, who is possibly the cutest guy with two tongues EVER!

Their help and advice really helped me, and I shall do my best to pass that on to whoever needs it!

Don’t forget that I am completely open to questions + advice about this modification, as I understand it’s not nearly as common as something like tattoos and piercings, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Before I go, look at this funny video! I made it the DAY I got my tongue split done- so you can hear how much my speech has been affected. I sound so silly! :D




  1. Really love how descriptive you are! Very interesting! thanx for sharing and I wish you the best in your healing process! Can't wait to see the outcome!

  2. I kinda hope what I'm about to say doesn't help, coz if it does I wish I woulda thought of it sooner! Haha
    But what about soluable panadol/other painkiller in with your ice water?

    It's looking pretty cool haha

  3. Awesome video and nooo you don't sound like a retard, you sound very sore.

    Get well soon,
    and thanks for sharing x

  4. YAY for solid foood! Bet your stomach missed it sooooo much.

  5. HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG I hope you feel better soon. I hate to see you in pain like that. Still it is wicked. :-)

  6. I commend you on being able to go through with something like this, ive wanted it for so long and have had the opertunity to have it done but have always made excuses to myself to get out of it. much jelousy and it looks fucking great. cant wait to see it healed.

  7. How much did it cost of you dont mind me asking?
    I almost got mine done last summer but the guy wanted like $250usd and I thought that was ridiculous.

  8. Godess of dreams! You are a leader and an example for women everywhere. I look forward to the days when split tongues are everywhere. Bless you!!!

  9. I would pay $1000 to make out with you!!!!!

  10. Took a beautiful face, and RUINED IT :(

    1. Good thing I wasn't put on earth to please you, huh?