Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Six and Seven of my Tongue Split- with video ;D

Day 6.


Today was a little non eventful. After being woken at intervals to spit out clots of blood, I really didn’t get much sleep at all. My stitches were ACHING due to my body trying to reject them- my body is HEINOUS with stitches/surface piercings- as soon as they’re in, my body tries to reject them out! It’s the worst!

I figured out a graph to describe what I was going through. And by figured out, I mean, I opened paint and doodled around while I was bored with nothing to do because it hurt too much to do anything else except trawl the internet.

 No amount of painkillers seemed to be helping at all- the movement of my tongue was restricted from the pain I was in from the stitches. I just COULD NOT WAIT to get the suckers out!

I also put another video up on my Facebook, tracking my speech progress. Sorry it’s on the side again, I don’t know why my phone does that. I was also JUST awake, with no hair and makeup- I’m aware that I look funny!

Day 7.

HOORAY! Stitches out today!

I went to bed around 3am, but just couldn’t sleep again- between the stitches aching and blood clots annoying me, I just couldn’t get any sleep. I got up at 6am, shaved my head and put a darker blue hair dye over my current faded turquoise. The dye that I use comes from England, and I just couldn’t wait for another batch to ship over. I think it turned out rather nice!

My stitches were driving me INSANE! I ran down to Modify with haste, and practically leaped into Harmony’s arms; I COULDN’T WAIT! She was incredibly gentle + fast working, and before I knew it, my stitches were FINALLY out and I could use my tongue! It’s still a little swollen, but it’s INCREDIBLE! Definitely worth all the hassle I’ve been through for it!

There was going to be more to this post, but I’m a little tired, so I’ll have to update tomorrow when I’ve had more than three hours sleep. Sorry!




  1. I gotta say, I'm a fan of bright coloured hair, but I'm also a fan of dark hair, and the darker blue looks AWESOME

    And I said in one of the other posts that I've never been hugely into tongue splits, but that actually looks pretty damn cool haha YOU'VE TURNED ME

  2. It's very strange o_O...
    can you move the two parts of your tongue separatly ?

  3. LOVELY <3
    i adoooooore this!
    my body reacted badly to body modification (keloids), yet it does not hurt me!
    never mind, I am condemned to drool while watching your pictures XD

  4. You look brilliant with a tongue split, Zeph! :D <3