Monday, March 14, 2011

Awesome Adelaide Op Shops: Part Two!

A carry on from my last post about rad Adelaide op shops :D

Hindley Street Goodwill
This place has changed hands recently + has gone for an entirely new look. They have a lot more thrown out fashion from small fashion shops, which is awesome, because they avoid landfill AND you can get a bargain.
The underground costume section is my FAVOURITE, and I have always been surprised with cool shit. I found one of my favourite costume dresses there for $5.00 years ago;

But I also trawled it recently + found some really cool stuff I can customise- here they are beforehand ;D

Does that crochet shrug + shirt look familiar? ;D

Little Worn Wardrobe
I discovered this place, it blew my mind and I HAD to share with you! It’s a little more expensive than most op shops, as it’s not only second hand, but it’s also genuine vintage items, records + hand made goodies from various local artists.
I spent $50 there today and got;

A pair of Gorman’s organic denim high waisted cut offs, a cropped argyl knit + chunky crazy scarf. Instead of offering plastic bags, they wrap your bundle up in strong brown paper + twine. Beautiful!
Alex also found some vinyl gems- Bruce Springsteens’s Dancing in the Dark and The Cars’ Shake it Up for $10.00 during a sale. Rad!

Gilles Street Market
I FINALLY managed to go to one of them recently- and by managed to, Alex and I stumbled upon it on our way to coffee. IT IS AMAZING. They really don’t happen often enough- I spent about $20 and got an amazing chunky lavender knit, high waisted skirt and a new-with-tags Princess Highway cobweb dress. Awesome!

I realised today, exactly HOW slack I have been with doing clothes customisations I keep promising mysElf, and it sucked. I'll hopefully get some more pictures up as I go along- I've just had zero motivation recently- it's the worst. What do you do when you're feeling sluggish + have no motivation to do anything? I can't think of anything asides from coffee! Teehee!

I'm thinking due to these op shop posts being so helpful, that I might do a post on awesome Adelaide vegan eats. What do you think? Drop me a line!



P.S; Check out my awesome Z bling! :D


  1. A post on Adelaide vegan eats would be RAD! I really enjoyed these two posts, makes me go heeeey I'm not the only one who frequents these places ;)

  2. Love your blog!! I left a comment on your blog and dreadlockssite. I love your dress! What a find!

  3. I really love your blog. My mother and I have been op-shop shopping recently and your posts have been very insightful into good ones around SA. Have you been to the Salvos near Smithfield train station? If not, I really recommend going there. I got the most darling desk and chair set for $80 and some gorgeous shirts.

    Also, there is Salvos in Gepps Cross and they have some great things too. (I love me some Salvos) xD

    I'd also appreciate if you did a "Adelaide Vegan Eats" one also - I'm vegetarian, but I try to eat as little dairy ect. as possible, but also it would be nice to know some places where I can actually go and get a meal out.

  4. argh, I can't find a good argyle knit anywhere! well I really want one with a full body pattern but they seem to be unfindable. I've been looking for red boat shoes for at least a year aswell, and now everyone is wearing boat shoes and argyle sweaters! woe.