Friday, March 11, 2011

Awesome Adelaide Op Shops: Part One!

Okay, so in lieu of my most recent blog post, I thought it would make sense to list some of the amazing op shops I’ve been to in Adelaide + some of my finds. I’ve found some amazing bargains in Adelaide- op shops are severely underrated!

Salvos  in Gawler
The Salvos in Gawler is my go-to whenever I’m up visiting my parents- I’ve found some amazing stuff there, including my favourite handbag at the moment.

I thrifted the blazer, red Hermes lookalike scarf and handbag for $20

AWL in Gawler
This shop is really hard to catch if you’re like me + sleep all day usually- they close at 4pm. But it’s for a really good cause + I’ve found some really kooky treasures there, including these;

A 90s burgundy velvet tube necklace and engraved screw back collar points for $3!

Vinnies Payneham Road
I lived around that area for most of my time in Adelaide, and frequented that place A LOT. It’s pretty good for a suburban op shop- it’s where I found my $10 rollerblades I customised :D

There’s also never any shortage of feminist literature in the books section- it’s bizarre! I have picked up a few awesome books from there, including Bridget Jones’ Diary, The Female Eunuch, and Femininity for around $3.00 each :D

Hazel’s second hand shop near Munno Para
I haven’t been here in AAAAGES- I would REALLY love to go there sometime, so if anyone is curious and has spare time, we should go together!
It’s not so much clothing as really random stuff- it’s a WHOLE store filled with bric a brac, and you can find some absolute diamonds. I have no picture of what I found there, but it was one of my most treasured possession until my ex nicked it. It was a taxidermied budgie, on a branch with a name plate ‘Melba’
Found for $9- apparently his much more brightly coloured + better preserved brother sold just a few days before hand. Dang it!

Op Shop in Williamstown
I go there at least every few days when I’m up visiting my family. It’s run by a group of the cutest little old women who are really friendly and lovely to me whenever I visit with my mum. It’s full of really gorgeous nannatastic goodies like blouses and old toys.

I found this gorgeous crochet batwing cape for $5 and the blouse that I used to make this collar ^____^

Savers Noarlunga
Oh gosh, do I love Savers. I cannot sing the praises of this place enough- it’s an op shop SUPER store- with clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, furniture, books, sewing needs; IT’S AMAZING. There are even trolleys for it; trust me, you’ll need them!
The best part about this place, asides from the utter bargains, is everything is ordered in size, rather than colours. It makes shopping SO MUCH EASIER! I have found some of my FAVOURITE outfits there.

I think I’ve spent about $100 there so far and found 3 pairs of shoes, 15 tops, around 5 pairs of pants, a cocktail dress, several sweaters, Cecil my hooty  + some excellent shirts to steal the material from.

I began the first day of my month long thrift commitment, by wearing an outfit entirely of clothing I have picked up from various op shops.

Striped top from Savers, DIY customised high waisted shorts from Savers, cowboy boots from Savers, skinny scarf is unpicked hem of sweater from Vinnies, handbag from Salvos. Brown paper package from Little Worn Wardrobe, carry bag from Goodwill.

What is your favourite thrifted outfit? Post me a picture + I’ll include it in my next blog :D




  1. i've sent you an email. ^^

    xx Gen.

  2. hey hun, its not all completely thrifted, but i got the polka dot skirt for $1 from a chruch shop thing (they had a special name i forgot) and its just off bridge road

  3. I went to an op shop ball a little while back, and I loved my outfit! Everything was from an op shop except my socks, my earrings, and the fur stole - which was my great grandmothers, so it's second hand (probably more like 4th)
    The last one is just so you can see the shoes!

    Anyway, I have always wanted somewhere I can wear the outfit again! But hasn't happened yet :(

  4. Also, I just found this blog
    Probably not all that helpful whilst you're in Adelaide, but maybe worth checking out so if/when you're in Melbourne you'll know all the good places to go!

  5. Hahaha my boyfriend lives near Hazels, it's amazing. I wander around in there all the time ^____^

  6. OMG!!
    Wish I lived there those places sound awesome XD

    Well I got this... thing.. don't know what they're called actually.. the waist hugger/keeper inner thingy/lingerie thing with suspenders that i'm wearing in this photo, second hand from a mini street fair in the little place i live in!!!/photo.php?fbid=10150096326689531&set=a.480121784530.261639.668224530&theater
    It was only $10 (NZ dollars obviously haha)
    The awesome boots were also second hand from TradeMe (NZ selling site for new and used things.
    The jacket may have been second hand as well, I think my mum got it from TradeMe.

    This top was also cheap as from TradeMe, and yes by top I mean the lingerie kinda singlet thing that is barely covering me - it was for a "gangstas, pimps, and hos" party!/photo.php?fbid=493353176909&set=t.668224530&theater

    I've also gotten lace up, knee high boots, and ankle stilletos for $20 and $10 respectively from SaveMart, love that place. And my mum got me the coolest high heels, kinda Mary Jane style, second hand, YUS

  7. I recon atleast 70% of my closet is op-shop, i cant believe some of the awesome things iv found :) this is my favourite blazer. 1 of about 35 :P!/photo.php?fbid=385344657182&set=a.326924257182.148402.547182182&theater

    <3 Ali

  8. hey gorgeous girl! stumbled upon your blog and i adore reading it, your so cheeky cute and i love the fact that your an aussie too (love stumbling across a fellow aussie) and who adores thrift shopping as much as i! I find so many great things out second-hand shopping especially up here in qld everyone is mad hoarders so there is always garage sales, antique markets, markets, church sales etc. happening
    hope you dont mind another pair of eyes on you xx