Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alex + Me + Camera = ????

It's the middle of the night here. What better time to hassle Alex to take dorky photos of me? I'll admit, they DID turn out rather well :)

I picked the shirt up at an op shop around the corner from my house, the jeans from a thrift shop just outside the city. I'm aware my arms are skinny to the point of uselessness. IMA SPAHGETTAH NADLE.

Also, cheers to Inked Girls for the feature on their blog- and the credits to mine! I'm flattered you guys thought to put me on there- cheers! :D

I'm so full of Tuscan seasoned roast sweet potato, carrot, potato, spanish onion + garlic that I may esplode. I ate it on couscous + will post the recipe in my next entry; along with some other awesome vegan eats, as I know how much you like them.

I hope you enjoyed my boredom!




  1. Holy shit, I love you. Adding you to my *elite* blogroll now. xo

  2. the **only** thing wrong with skinny arms? Less room for new tattoos, that be the issue I'm facing at the moment-legs are big from walking and bike riding, but full leg sleeves=no room left. Arms are small and uninked, but skinny from laziness. Do I work out now, to get bigger arms and more tat space, or be my indolent self, and paint on what I have? Decisions, decisions...Also-hurry up with recipes :P

  3. Spaghettah nahdl as found on Hyperbole And A Half?