Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vegan Yum Yums

I'm a pretty lazy person- especially when it comes to cooking and eating, which is a massive bummer because the vegan lifestyle involves a LOT of home cooking. It's awesome because it's really taught me that vegan food doesn't have to be boring rabbit food and salad- it can be hearty, nutritious and have even the most ardent meat eater asking for seconds ;)

I really don't like cooking being a precise science- I like to be able to chop and change ingredients and components how I see fit to the mood I'm in at the time. These few recipes are especially good for that- not having strict measurements and ingredients. I practically live off them and their many, many variations! Even if you're not keen to give veganism a go, I recommend you give some of these a crack- more vegies is better! 

Send me pictures and variations that you've come up with- and above all; ENJOY!

I'll begin with my absolute favourite recipe ever; it's SO versatile and delicious!

Garlic Mushroom + Spinach Stuffed Potatoes.
You'll need:
- Around 3 mushrooms per person
- A cup of baby spinach per person- stems removed
- A potato per person
- Minced garlic
- Oil
- Salt + Pepper

First off, preheat your oven to 160C fanforced- 180C for conventional- then stab the potato several times with a fork and put in the microwave. Microwave on high for around three minutes- or better, if you have a 'Baked Tator' setting, use that. Remove, wrap in some foil and bung in the oven.
Remove the bottom half of the mushroom stems (they tend to get dry and woody when they've been sitting around for ages) and then slice the shrooms thinly. Throw them into a preheated, oiled pan on high heat + stir quickly to coat in oil. Reduce heat to medium + cook til they're reduced and squidgy. Throw in a teaspoon or two of minced garlic + stir quickly to combine. Increase the heat to high + stir in the spinach until wilted. At the last moment, season with salt + pepper and take the pan off the heat.
Take the tator out of the oven, split it open + divide the mushroom mix amongst them. DELISH.

I also make this recipe sans tator + eat it on toast, put it on pizza, in onigiri, stir fry, risotto- the options are endless! Viva La Mushrooms! Viva La Garlic!

Mixed Bean + Vegetable Pasta
You'll need;
- A cup of pasta per person
- A jar of simple tomato pasta sauce (I use Raguletto Red Wine + Garlic sauce)
- A tin of 4 Bean Mix (with chick peas! Yay!)
- Around 4 mushrooms, sliced thinly
- A cup of baby spinach per person, stems removed
- This is optional, but vegan soy protein mince is pretty good too!

Boil a pot of water and chuck the pasta in. In a seperate pan on medium heat, throw in the sauce, beans, mushrooms and soy protein mince (if you wish) and cook until the mushrooms are squidgy to your taste. Throw in some minced garlic and baby spinach, and stir until all the spinach is wilted. Serve over cooked pasta- DELISHUS.
This makes A LOT of sauce- I like to save it and eat it on toast when I'm craving proteiny goodness :D

I will get to adding some more recipes over the next few days- typing is a little hard with my nails the length they are at the moment!

Before I go, I really must share this amaaaazing outfit I thrifted from Savers + The Salvos!

Thrifted shirt + DIY denim short shorts from Savers, Structured bag from The Salvos, Socks from American Apparel, Hat + Inverted Cross Rosary from Dangerfield, Sunglasses from Ice Accessories.

I'm going to set a project for some of my diehard fans- want to undertake a month long commitment with me? Let me know if you're keen- I'll post some more details in the next few blogs I do <3




  1. Ooo ooo!
    I totally love potatoes and mushrooms!! NOM YOM!!
    Definatley will give that one a try, and I will write about it on my blog, yays XD

    I'm game for joining you in your project, deffo uber interested :-o
    If you'll have meh!

    Oh and I just bought some over the knee socks and little ankle socks with frills on, ahaha, lets hope i can rock them just as much as you, hope!

  2. Anastasia Here interested in joining in your progect

  3. Ah great!
    I'll try the Garlic Mushroom + Spinach Stuffed Potatoes first.
    Thanks for sharing + you look awesome in the shorts and long socks !

  4. OOOO I start Uni in less than a week but depending what the project is and depending how much uni work I have to do (Fine Arts can take up a lot of time) I would so be interested in a project!

    That potato one looks soooo nice. I love potatoes.
    I'm craving potato bake a little bit now

  5. Hmmm what could I use instead of mussshies? (I dislike the texture, taste is fine) But looks divinnnnne

  6. Month long commitment?

  7. Thanks for the recipes. Will incorporate them into my vegetarian recipe collection.

    I am curious about this project of yours...

  8. That mushroom recipe sounds divine, too bad I can't eat garlic but I can just leave that out lol.

    I am interested in this little project of yours, I would love to hear more about it!

  9. Project? I'd love a project! I have nothing much at all to do!