Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Softcore contortions.

I'm comfortable with my sexuality, my body and my femininity. I don't see why every one isn't! The female form is a beautiful, complex and wonderful thing to behold :)

Feeling particularly inspired by a recent contortion training + the fairy lights in my room, I took a couple of low light shots on my camera phone. What started out as something just for fun turned out as something I'm rather proud of. I'll post the full set later tonight, I just thought I'd start you off with a teaser :3

What do you think?

Let me reiterate; there's no need in hating on me because I'm comfortable with who I am. Why not put that energy into loving yourself? The world would be better off :3




  1. I completely agree with you.
    You do portray sensuality very well through these photos. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

  2. I love the grainyness and the dark light, yay camera phones haha you look awesome

  3. Kas you have an amazing body, never hate on yourself, ever :D

  4. I luff your hands, so elegant and feminine.
    Prettyful, i wish mine w
    ere , meep!