Thursday, February 17, 2011

Self timers + Fetishism

Sorry I have been SO slack recently- I get so worn out staying at my parent's house; I'm due for hometime tomorrow, so hopefully I get some sleep + can smash out some better brain words :P

Before I go on, I MUST SHARE THIS WITH YOU. I actually got such a fright + then laughed so hard I threw my drink all over mysElf D:

Before you start, yes I am aware I possess around the same amount of maturity as a three year old. Y U HATIN'?

I woke up this morning with a strange sense of relief washing over me. Today, it is finally all over; I have my stuff back + I am rid of that bad time for good. While it’s crummy that I have lost so many people who were so dear to me once upon a time, I am revitalised in knowing that today is the first day of starting anew; I seriously cannot wait.

All that aside, my day has been punctuated with sewing, napping and finally working out how to use the self timer on my dinosaur camera. Whoever invented that feature needs a giant facehug ^_^ While I’m still trying to work out how to not look like a spastic ragdoll whenever I point a camera at mysElf, I am pretty pleased with the results of faffing around on my bed thus far.

Secondhand customised singlet + boxy high waisted shorts + structured thrifted bag + inverted cross rosary + several layers of finger bling + not having shaved my head recently. How wiierd is it when I leave it for a few days? NOYYING D:
It has also become evident to me that I have a favourite side. I'm going to have to stop that D:

I’m going through a SERIOUS purple patch at the moment; I don’t know if anyone’s noticed ;D Purple being the colour of strength + rebirth, I find it quite appropriate for this time in my life. I used a purple eyeshadow on my palette for the first time EVER today and it’s come out rather well, methinks :)

Now, I don’t know who has me on Facebook, or was lurking around the time that this happened, but I posted a status last night that turned into a pretty crazy discussion. I am unabashedly fascinated by human sexuality + aspects of it; so much so, that at some point, I considered becoming a sex therapist as a career choice! The discussion was about fetishes- something that can be quite tame to people who possess them, but strange and unusual to people not familiar with fetishism in sex. I was really impressed + thrilled by the sheer amount of people who were comfortable in discussing what theirs were, and the maturity everyone had towards each other’s tastes.

I’m curious, as this website has the benefit of an anonymity; fetishes. What’s yours? Drop me a line here, or at my email. I’m down for a discussion :)

Obviously trolls and immaturity will not be tolerated- don’t waste everyone’s time with your silliness, please.

I look forward to hearing from you- in the meantime; I hope you’re all well + eating your greens!




  1. Anal sex. I'd never do it, but I really like seeing it. *blush

    And I am a girl. I guess I can't really discuss this with a lot of girls for obvious reasons, lol.

  2. I like biting and being bitten (not enough to draw blood, though). I also LOVE guys in corsets and suspenders - Rocky Horror style :D

  3. I love being diminated, thrown around like a little ragdoll. I think what's why I go for guys who are much taller than me, and strong. However I also like to take charge every once in a while!
    This is greatly helped by the fact that my boyfriend has a HUGE medical fetish, so when I'm in my sexy black PVC nurse dress, I take control >=3
    I think fetishism is totally healthy and very normal, obviously within boundaries... (if someone has a cannibalism or child/animal fetish I'm not sure how I'd feel about that ... o_o)
    Also, I love your blog and regularly stalk it :3
    I might make my own! :D
    EmmaCadavra xxx

  4. Mang, I got a list of fetishes so long you can see it from space!
    Feet, a perfect long neck, underwear, voyeurism, exhibitionism, corsets and corset piercings, and then there's everything to do with bdsm, shaved heads, to name a few!

  5. I turn to jelly when bitten especially on the neck. I also like being chocked, not so much that i cant breathe and only when in the middle of sexy time (outside sexy time=not cool).

  6. androgyny, fair skin, blue eyes, big lips, cross dressing, giving chicks oral, often in public places (dark corners of nightclubs, clean bathrooms), femdom, body hair on women, being fucked (preferably ass up with my face in the pillow (to drown the noise ((either by chicks with toys or fingers or the right guy)), mushy talk, biting (esp bottom cheeks) and being bitten esp on sides and back of neck, being kissed by guys with stubble on my neck and cheek, scratching - giving and receiving, having my nipples sucked and lightly bitten, women with smaller sized breasts, food sex, swapping liquids mouth to mouth, having the underside and sides of my balls licked, oh, and how could I forget asslicking, doing that for someone i love puts me in some sort of heavenly state of being; lol. ps - am male.

  7. ^ Anal sex shouldn't be so taboo! I am of the female variety and I quite love anal sex.

    .... and drag queens... omnomnom.

  8. Hot, straight, conservative girls.
    (I am a girl)
    Mmm so impossibly hot :P

  9. I'm a female who loves anal sex possibly even more than normal sex lol. I think i just find it so degrading and humiliateing and i don't know... it jst turns me on so much . But saying that, i also get a massive kick out of domination and teasing.... also, i love small boobs, and female feet lol.

  10. I was gunna talk about the screaming frog but after reading the previous 8 comments on sex I feel a bit silly XD

    I remember reading somewhere that you do all your own hair maintenece etc etc, how do you shave your head and keep it neat?!?!
    I'm considering shaving a small portion of my head and my family will hate it so I doubt they'll help me lol

    As for fetishes... I don't think I have any, I'm so noob haha. Well not really noob but... I don't know lol
    I'm so uninteresting XD
    I do like biting though, but not really being bitten

  11. love being bitten, adore slapping back, happy using ropes on partner, squeak in happiness while being wrapped in chains, love female leg hair, adore shaved heads, dig being the man with a guy, fly to the moon when a girl does me anal ...list goes on...guyanon here

  12. I'd love to give anal. All of my friends are a bit vanilla when it comes to sex so I have to resort to being an anon creep haha!
    (I commented 1st, btw)

    And I think it's great to see that a few people don't mind a bit of leg stubble on women, I think it feels nice when it's all soft :)

  13. "I think it feels nice when it's all soft :)" YES, YES, YES! (sorry for shouts ;)

  14. I have a fetish for deep voices D:
    p.s. Zephyr, I'm so in love with you and your absurd clothings ♥

  15. I think because I've had to be so strong in the 'real world' all my life, I love being controlled and dominated in the bedroom. Not all the time, but I've never been much for the boring 'making love', it's the 'fucking' that turns me on... The rougher the better.
    I don't know how it happens but I always seem to end up with men who like domination aswell. Female here.

  16. Watersports
    Asian girls
    Innocent guys...virgins, shy guys etc...
    Strap ons (me doing a guy)
    Nice lingerie

  17. Being bitten and dominated. Kinky handcuffs, Kissing and Light licking down the body.

  18. I think that you should check out a site for people with fetishes called Its a good place to talk about your fetishes and find out about more. I am a member and i am a submissive to an extent. I believe my fetish lies more in being tied up (or down lol)...

    Check it out

    And as for you being a sex therapist i think that it would be a great idea, especially with fetishes. People would feel comfortable opening up to you about strange things..

  19. Blood letting is the best - especially during sex.

    You'd be a great Sex Therapist. :)

  20. I love watching 2 guys doing it, it is suuuuuch a turnon! Not that I've had the opportynity many times... I also like being slightly choked during sex. Girls with lots of tattoos (well, boys too, ahah)

    (female here)

  21. Breath control, having a partner control my breath during sex, OMFG! Corsets so tight they restrict your breathing. Having my head held underwater or wrapped in tight plastic during sex. Gahh makes me giddy.. Wearing my corsets under day clothes impossibly tight but un noticable (to a point) whilst just out and about, making me breathless and so horny its not funny. Wearing a dildo or sex balls internally during the day, by the time i get home someone is gonna get slammed!! Your looks rock by the way, your one sexy girl! Fem here, ADL.