Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nakedness + DIY Bleach Splatter

I’m sorry to begin this entry like this, but I have to get something off my chest!

If there’s one thing I hate- it’s obnoxiously prudish people making me sharing my art on Facebook difficult. I don’t know- maybe it’s because my mum + dad are incredibly relaxed, cool and open minded people- maybe it’s because of the alternative lifestyle I have chosen to lead- but when I see a naked human body, the first thing that springs to mind ISN’T disgust and “OHMYGOD GROSS!”
Nakedness, people, is NATURAL. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if you take a quick peek under your clothes- you’re ACTUALLY naked under there! Indeed, I agree there is a time and a place for being naked- sometimes it’s just not what people want to see or have to deal with. But slandering a person for being unabashed about being in their natural state is just backwards and sad. We aren’t in the dark ages anymore, people!

Granted, there are definitely ways of exuding confidence in your body that can come across as confronting + intense for some people- but in NO WAY does ANY girl who is comfortable in her own skin become a slut! Since when does being content with your own skin and sexuality make you promiscuous? Try and justify this- I dare you!

I cop A LOT of flack for the fact that YES I have posed nude for several websites- including Suicide Girls, have appeared in several publications like Picture + People magazines and have done work as an exotic dancer. I’ve had pictures removed on Facebook for showing off my exposed back, or being a tool in a pair of underwear, and I just can’t help but feel bad for people who are too afraid to embrace nudity.
I’ve been called mean names, my sister has been harassed anonymously and apparently I have a ‘reputation’ because I’m not afraid to love my body the way it is and create art with it. I just don’t understand- why be jealous and venomous when you have a beautiful body of your own!
Anyhow, I’ll leave my rant here- with this message for my ‘haters’- you may be able to report my photos, and call me bad names- but you’ll never stop me from being nudey! :D

Today was- put simply- utterly glorious! A cool change came through around 2pm today- just as I got out of bed. I actually squealed with joy when I stood on the balcony and felt the cool breeze brush past me. It was not too hot to move! Time to get some stuff done!

Unfortunately, it’s day 4 without hot water in the house. Alex and I have been ghettoing it- heating water on the stove to wash the dishes + have baths. I seriously gave mysElf a sponge bath last night because I couldn’t sit down in the water for fear of aggravating my new piercing. You people take working hot water for granted! I would honestly do disgraceful things for a hot shower to wash my hair! The plumber is coming tomorrow- I hope this problem is something easily fixed.

I played with bleach today! Bleach is seriously one of my favourite ways to easily customise clothing- and it works amazing every single time! All you need is some clothing you want to trash with some splattering and a bottle of cleaning bleach. I’m not sure how well it works on some fabrics- best stick to cotton and cotton blends :3

Splatter to your hearts content, then watch carefully. Material, like the denim jeans are made of, take reaaallly well to bleach really quickly- some, like stretchy dress materials, take a little longer. Then rinse the clothing thoroughly in your laundry trough until the water runs clear. Wring out the excess water + viola- bleach stains yay!
I decided I needed a pair of jeans and a singlet dress that needed my attention. My jeans were just casually splattered, but I decided to try a skeleton inspired customisation on my dress.

I absolutely love my jeans!
The front of my dress went rather well, but unfortunately, I forgot to put something in between the front and the back to stop the bleach from seeping through to the back. As you can see, its not exactly the best, but I still think it’s rather cool- it looks like fire!


Anyway, I’m going to leave this here now. I’m waiting for my friend Harmony to bring over some of her godlike vegan eats- vegan Nutella and Custard Tarts, anyone? :D


  1. Love the jeans Miss Zephyr :) you crazeee vegan-vegan-ness

    ....See the problem with people is they see ALL photos that have naked people as porn....They forget that there is a freaken HUGE difference between porn or snapshots showing your bits compared to your wonderful artistic photos.

  2. Hey there, I randomly found your blog but just thought you made some interesting points. Honestly screw those people because as long as your family has your back then you're golden.
    On another note, man I want to get a hold of some bleach now!