Saturday, February 12, 2011

FAQ, beeetches.

I discovered a new THING I could do with my hair.

Quiff, this is everyone. Everyone, this is blue dreadlock quiff :3

I get questions asked of me, A LOT. If anyone saw the great Formspring explosion of 2011 that was my account for a while there, you’d know what I’m talking about. I decided to compile some of the more frequently asked questions into this little Q & A- it saves us both time you see, dear :)

What is your real name?
For privacy reasons, I don’t like to disclose my ‘real’ name online, and I don’t like others to do so either. I feel as though I have left that person behind though + am planning to legally change my name to Zephyr this year :3

How many piercings do you have?
Currently? Seventeen.

How many tattoos do you have?
How do you even count tattoos? I have my chest, back, fingers, neck, ankle, thighs, and both arms tattooed :3

Did <insert modification here> hurt?
Body modification hurts. Whether it’s the procedure, or the healing- it’s never a cakewalk. But that’s the price you pay for seeking aesthetic happiness :)

What started you modification obsession?
I used to trawl National Geographic magazines when I was a kid and fell in love with the primitive modifications that are featured so heavily in ancient tribes that still function in parts of the world. I used to wish I could put my fingers through my earlobes + that my flesh was able to be sculpted, so I could make anything I want from mysElf.
The day I received my first piercing- my septum the day I turned 16, I decided it was something that I wanted to do with the rest of my life.
Every day I am still inspired by the meaning and practise of heavy modifications- it very much is my entire life :)

How did you start modelling?
It’s kind of a cute story :3 I was skipping school one time with my friend, and we were sitting at a fast food restaurant in the mall all dressed up in our crazy clothing. A really shy girl with a big camera came up to us as asked if she could take my picture because I was the coolest thing she’d seen in ages. She went on to shoot my first set ever + we’re still friends to this day ^_^ 
I thank Cyndal Potter every day for giving me the oppurtunities that she has!

Was that you in THAT magazine?
Yes, it WAS me under the name “LUCY” in several Picture and People magazines. Mind you, I have NOT appeared in ANY other publications under ANY other names- contrary to popular belief. As I have discussed before in a past entry, I have no fear of nudity, so if you have a problem with someone comfortable with their sexuality, I suggest you fuck the hell off ;3

What colour do you use on your hair?
It’s a top secret mixture of several dyes to achieve a unique colour. Sorry, but it’s not something I wish to disclose. I kind of like being the only turquoise haired weirdo ;D

Who does your hair? Would you do mine?
I do. I cut, style, dread/maintain, shave, colour and redye the roots on my own. Why pay someone to do something that only YOU know what you want? :D
I’m not hugely comfortable with doing other people’s hair- for that very reason. But if you think you can trust me enough, I’m more than happy to :3 I currently offer my services as a dreadlock installer (not the fake kind) so if you’re keen, drop me a line.

Where do you shop?
In a variety of places. I’m currently really addicted to American Apparel, sadly. I can also be found lurking Cotton On, Supre and Valleygirl- as they are the only places that stock size 4-6, and GOOD menswear. I don’t like spending too many pennies on my clothes though- I usually just cut them up. Which is why I am such a fan of op shops! DIY trashion has so much more of an individual statement than something mass produced + worn by everyone else ;D

What are your favourite pieces of clothing?
Currently, I am completely in love with my shredded sweater. It just sits so well on me- and I love the shredded texture!
I will always love my black skinnies- they’re so worn and comfy- I love them to death!

What do you look for in a potential partner?
A good sense of humour- someone who can make me laugh; rape/racist jokes need not apply- they’re not actually funny. Being a racist misogynist is definitely NOT a turn on.
Someone who likes coffee, conversation, cartoons, vegan eats, obscure music, knitting and sex.
Someone who thinks they can handle a stubborn, highly opinionated, extroverted introvert.
I like IT nerds, music elitists, misanthropes, non drinkers, someone with a strong sense of self who won’t take shit from people. I’m a fighter, not a lover.

What do I have to do to get you to notice me?
Don’t be an idiot. Passive aggressive facebook statuses, the use of the term ‘gug’, ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’ are all complete turn off. If you love weird, twisted, morbid, grotesque things + think the “Saw” franchise is the worst thing since Bring Me The Horizon, chances are I already have.

How do I approach you?
Just say hi. More often than not, I’m up for conversation. Shyness is the worst- I am already quite a shy person, and talking to someone equally shy makes me super awkward. Coffee dates make me smile- take me to get a decent soy flat white + I’ll want to know you ;D
If you see me in the street, for the love of bob, do NOT say you know me on Facebook. Have you seen how many people ‘know’ me on that site? It will make everything awkward because I’m not good with putting names to faces unless I know you well + then we’re all conversationally fucked.
Oh and, I do like being asked for hugs. Permission is paramount to my respect XD

What inspires you?
If it’s weird, controversial, gross, twisted, dead or otherwise generally unliked, chances are I’ll like it + incorporate it into my life somehow.
I love taxidermy, human anatomy, curiosities, the colour black, angles, shoulders/collarbones, brunettes, underground hardcore music, live shows, the people who attend them + anyone who just straight up does not give a fuck. :3

What are you addicted to?
Currently?, blogging, Crystal Castles, Wolf Eyes, Chrome Dome, brown shoes, DIY, latex, being vegan, trolling, coffee, garlic mushrooms, mushrooms in general and cuddling my plush owl, Cecil.

What is your favourite food?
It’s rather subject to change. But at the moment, it’s my 8 vegetable risotto I make.
Oh and mushrooms. Fuck me- I am ADDICTED TO MUSHROOOOOMS :D

What is your best memory?
Currently, though it was plagued with bad news the whole time, whenever I’m in a bad place, I retreat to the three months I spent in Melbourne this time last year. Honestly, it was some of the most amazing encounters of my life- I met so many life changing people + did so much amazing stuff. I can’t wait to come back :)


Will you marry me?
Maybe. If you’re lucky ;D

Oh and, suss the new fitted blazer, scarf and structured bag I nabbed from a recent op shop trawl. Pretty bitchin' if you ask me >:D



  1. I enjoyed reading through this and hopefully some time you'll share your 8 vegetable rissoto recipe and of course..any decent recipes you have for mushrooms which I love !

  2. Is that two holes in the crotch of your jeans? Now THAT's a great fashion statement :P

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, like all your blogs, I hope I get to meet you one day!

  3. Mystafied- I would be more than happy to send you the recipe! In fact, I'm planning on incorporating some in the next few posts that I make- stay tuned! :D

    Morgan- You're actually the cutest! Those jeans are a MILLION years old and sooo worn, but I can't throw them out D:
    I as well, dear- much much much <3

  4. Baha. I say all the horrible words you hate, and I'm an idiot, but that's okay cos you already love meeeee! unicr0n wifuhs 4 lyfe yo!

  5. U R NOT IDIOT. U R MORE AMAZING THAN BUENOS! Except you're totally moar vegan friendly ;D

    I love your guts, wifeh <3 <3 <3

  6. Jeans are so easy to get attatched to, they're o comfy!!

  7. A soy flat white sounds delish! Hit me up on FB when you're free to meet in town on a weekday beautiful!