Saturday, February 5, 2011

Family + the Crocheted Shawl

I promise there'll be more to this post- my grandmother has come over for dinner though, so I must be polite ;D

I'm currently staying with my family in Williamstown at the moment- part of my detox from people has involved me removing mysElf as much as I can from the city. Williamstown is beautiful- about an hour from Adelaide, with beeautiful clean air. It's a tiny town- everyone knows everyone here, including me as the 'friendly neighbourhood freak', which is nice.

Staying with my family really cements my complete and utter love I have for them. My family is by no means normal- I am the oldest of five children, after me there is Sage (nearly 18), Declan (13yrs old), Acacia (10yrs old) and Arki (8yrs old).
Acacia, Arki and I all share the disability Autism, with varying places on the spectrum. Declan has an anaphylaxis allergy to wheat, and Sage is really the only normal one of the bunch.

My mother and father separated years ago, but whenever dad isn't flying off to work in the middle of nowhere as an environmental advisor, he's at our house helping with the smallest people, as their conditions make them a bit of a handful sometimes.

We're a motley crew, that is for sure- but I think that is what, more than anything, really breeds + encourages the incredible closeness we share. We're all strange, but we're all okay with it. I often get asked what my family think of my lifestyle and image- and are always taken back when I tell them that my mother adores it + actively encourages my pursuit for happiness. I get complete and total joy in freaking my younger siblings out with the fuzziness of my head, or the holes in my face. It's amazing.

Recent events have shown me how much I have to be thankful for- because no matter what, I will ALWAYS have my family, and they will always be happy to take me in, dust me off and hold me up until I am ready to stand on my own two feet. There aren't words to describe the thankfulness + complete love I feel for them, every moment of my day :)

I raided the family dress up chest today and found an AMAZING cream shawl! Just in time for cool weather, I hope? :D

I look tired. That's what happens when you're woken up at 7am sharp by mental siblings because you sleep in their play room when you're crashing at their house ;D




  1. I find myself jealous of your family and your shawl >-< it really is rather nice looking.

  2. Also, I have question for someone who's good with art: Green or Blue for wedding? HALP!! I dunno what to do, I want green but I want blue and I have wicked ideas for green but I want blue D: