Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook Deactivation + Being Featured

In lieu of recent events, I've made the somewhat difficult decision that I need to withdraw from all the venom, bitchy + pettiness that seems to be what makes up my Facebook network at the moment. I've made the decision to deactivate my Facebook profile- just for a little while, enough time for me to regather mysElf and detox mysElf from people. Monday is the day it's going to happen, so I hope I can reach enough people by then. 

Yeah it sucks- while it is true that I am easily aggravated by some of the shit people think other people need to know, I have such a wonderful + lovely support system on there who have done nothing to hurt me that I feel bad for shrugging off. But please understand- I have to do what I need to make sure I recover from this horrible experience + bounce back like nothing even happened :)

If you wish to contact me in the time that my Facebook is inactive, I shall be keeping this blog updated several times a day with stuff, will still be using Twitter + have an email address you can chat to me should you want to:

I'll end all this business on a positive note + move on to some rather cool news!

I got a rather awesome email the other day, from one of the contributers of The Adelaide Post- an Adelaide blog that showcases local talent to say that I had been featured! How cool!

I'm really flattered that something that started out as just a promise to keep a New Year's Resolution has been recieved so well, by so many people! Thankyou so much for all your kindness + support- it really really does mean the entire world to me <3

Before I go + get cracking on a MASSIVE shredding project I'm starting, I pose this question to you;
My blog recieves quite a bit of traffic- not just here, but internationally as well. I was speaking to a friend today who uses Google's AdSense on their blog + makes some damn decent cashola from it- all it really is is hosting targetted ads in places on your website + you make $ per click that is recieved etc. As money is quite an issue for me at the moment, I have been considering this option as means to make some extra pennies- from something that I love to do. What do you think? Would you still love me if there were some ads floating around on here?

Do let me know :)



P.S- It is my absolutely fabulous + completely amazing mother dearest's birthday today! I don't think I could have ever asked for a more positive role model in my life, who has shown me how to truly be mysElf + exist without limitations. I love her more than anything ever. Happy Birthday, mummy! <3

P.P.S- This chart essentially sums up how I see mysElf communicating with people. Click on it to make it bigger, of course :3


  1. I'd still love you if you had ads, it's a good way to make money by not doing anything. I was going to do it on my blog once I'm eighteen and can do it.

  2. I would definately still visit even if you had ads floating around.

    Sucks that you need to distance yourself from fb for a while, your updates make me smile...but at the same time I totally get it. Do what you need to do, but I hope to still see blog updates in the mean time.

    Also I totally love those prism sunglasses, I wish I had a pair *sadface*

  3. make zee cash one will mind :)

  4. Yeah. Gotta make that money somehow. I say go for it as well. :}

  5. Go for it Kas!! Why the hell shouldn't you!! Money is money hey? =) xx

  6. Congratz on the feature. I want one now.
    Too bad Perth sucks shitballz.

    Free money? Why are you even questioning this?

    Yeah it sucks you feel like you need to get away from people, but this way you can bask in more of my awesome!
    just worked 7 hours & then help my sister move house for 6 hours. SO TIRED but crafts aren't going to do themselves, & i want them done before tomorrow. GREENMOTHERFUCKINGPANTS!

  7. keep the ad's classy.
    extra windows or whole page ads with a skip this ad button ad, are too much!